Fan Fiction: STAR WARS - Passion of a Jedi - Chapter 1

STAR WARS - Passion of a Jedi
© MonsterMartha aka Martha Pittman 
Star Wars belongs to George Lucas and Disney (I'm just borrowing them)

Hello all, a little note to let you know this was my FIRST FAN FICTION EVER! I wrote this back when Star Wars Phantom Menace came out. So that was a long long time ago. Please forgive the style as I was just starting out. I have grown since then.

ObiWan Kenobi/OC 
Trained by Darth Maul, Raised by Darth Sidious... Jaden learns the truth as she searches for her place in the Universe. What will she do when she learns her real father is a Jedi? And will she allow her heart to admit her feelings for ObiWan Kenobi? AU set during Phantom Menace and working it's way through the prequels.


The Sun was rising from behind the luscious green hills of Naboo. Fields of grass and tiny little blossoms swayed in the gentle breeze. In the distance a lone figure appeared against the rising sun, black cloak flowing in the wind. The figure paused at the edge of the cliff overlooking the town of Theed, Capital City of Naboo. The figure reached its black-gloved hands up and pulled back the hood of its cloak revealing a beautiful young woman.

Jaden stared down at the city below. Her long brown hair danced violently in the wind as it mingled with her black cloak. From this view, Jaden could focus her brown eyes on the people below. She could see people scurrying around like ants. Jaden smiled faintly. She wanted to be there, down amongst the people. She wanted so badly to be apart of their world.

Since she arrived on Naboo, her father told her she could NEVER venture into Theed. "There are cruel and evil people in that city Jaden," her father said, "They would hurt you." So out of fear, Jaden had stayed behind closed doors since she was 13, only venturing as far as the cliff she now stood on. She would stand there for hours watching the people of Theed walk, dance, and parade around. Jaden smiled as she thought of herself down there walking among the people, dancing in their celebrations, and parading around like usual on a casual business day.

Since the newly elected Queen Amidala was took her place at Theed Palace, the people seemed more cheerful. Theed became alive with people once more since Veruna, the previous sovereign, had abandoned his position. Only now...as the Trade Federation started its boycott had Jaden sensed sadness. A faint beep filled the air. Jaden reached down and pulled a comlink from her belt. "Jaden," a dark voice said clearly, "Where are you child?" Jaden sighed, "I am at the edge of the cliff over looking Theed, Father." "I hope you are not thinking of going down there, not when I have told you many times of the dangers that Theed holds for you Jaden," her father hissed. "No father," she replied. "Good," he sighed, "Now Jaden, you need to go to your home and once there I will set up a conference with you through Hologram projector. We have much to discuss." "Yes Father," she said as she turned one last time and looked at Theed placing the comlink back on her belt. 'Someday,' Jaden thought, 'Someday.'

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