Fan Fiction - SONS OF ANARCHY: Familiar Taste of Poison Chapter 1 - Welcome to SAMCRO and Charming

Sons of Anarchy - Familiar Taste of Poison
© MonsterMartha aka Martha Pittman 
All Sons of Anarchy Belong to Kurt Sutter (I'm just borrowing them)
Beginning is Chibs/OC, Later is Juice/OC
I left searching for MORE out of life but SAMCRO is part of me, it's in my blood. - Martha Teller is home after several years. Not much changes but everything is different. This is the story of a young woman finding her place in the chaos of the Sons of Anarchy.  (Yes I named her Martha but I wanted to be PERSONAL with this story. Don't like it... don't read)

Chapter 1: Welcome to SAMCRO and Charming

This life. It's not for the weak of heart. Some chose this life because they love the danger, the excitement... the rush of what goes on. Some are forced into it because of the way they are raised or circumstances they've fallen into. Me? I was born into this life. My name is Martha Teller. I am the daughter of John Teller and Gemma Teller Morrow. My father died tragically in an accident years ago leaving my mother to remarry to her current husband, my stepfather, Clay Morrow. I have one sibling, my older brother, Jax. We had a brother, Thomas, but he died of heart failure at age six... and Mom never got over his death. Truthfully, none of us did.

My father created a club when he was younger called the Sons of Anarchy (or SAMCRO for short) and built a thriving business in automotive repair around the club. When he died, Clay also took over the garage making it Teller-Morrow, another possession of my fathers he acquired. My brother and I had a decent childhood. Not to say growing up under Clay's roof was easy. In fact, it was just the opposite. It was hell on earth. If you breathed wrong and Clay thought you were doing it to spite him, you suffered the consequences. I don't think he cared much for Jax or me for that matter however, thanks to my Mom having him wrapped around her finger (as only Gemma COULD do), most of the time we were left to our own devices.

As young adults, my brother and I are on different paths. He is a member of SAMCRO now and me, I'm the "Princess". I fucking hate that title. Princess. Nothing Princess about me. Yet the guys in SAMCRO call me that. Mom says it's a term of endearment, I say it's a fucking curse. Mom keeps pressuring me to go to college but I am not interested in leaving Charming. Not now. Not yet. The whole way to the airport she is lecturing me about how I need to start my life. I was born into THIS life and I know no other way. I don't want to. The idea of not being at Teller-Morrow makes me physically ill in my stomach. I half listen to her ramble as I watch the scenery passing by. Why we had to go pick up this new guy from Belfast is beyond me. Usually Clay didn't send Gemma and I on these kind of "missions". I sigh.

As we park and get out of the car I can hear the incoming flight landing. I sigh again. "What's shoved up your ass today?," Gemma barks out. I look at her, "Why are we here?" She smirks, "Because Clay and the boys are busy." "But why do I have to be here?," I roll my eyes. "Because, you are keeping ME company," Gemma says over her shoulder as we walk to the waiting area. I make a mock face behind her back. No matter what people say, you are NEVER too old to make faces behind your parents' backs. "So who is it we are picking up?," I inquired. "A new guy patching over from Belfast. He's Scottish from what Clay tells me," Gemma explained. A Scottish man patching in? This could get interesting. We stand for several minutes before Gemma spots our target. She looks at me and nods in his direction, "That's him." My eyes land on a rather nice looking man with jeans, a black shirt, and a leather jacket making his way to us. "Hello," he spoke his voice dripping with a thick Scottish accent. Damn. Accents make me completely lose my shit. Hello hotty Mr. Scotty. "You must be Filip," Gemma crossed her arms. "Yes ma'am," he replied. "Please. Calling me that makes me sound so ... old. Call me Gemma," She smirked. He nodded. Gemma continued, "This is my daughter, Martha". He looked me up and down and just nodded. Quiet type. Great.

Gemma cocked an eyebrow at the way I was looking at this new guy, "Come on Scotty," she huffed, "Let's get you back to TM." "My names NOT Scotty," he drawled out, "It's Chibs." Oooh, he sassed her...better watch it Scotsman. However, Gemma could care less, she had already hauled ass in the direction of the car leaving me standing with our new friend. "Chibs?," I couldn't help it. What the fuck was a CHIBS? His eyes looked over me, "It's Scottish slang, lass. It means shiv... knife." "Nice," I said sarcastically. He smirked at the look on my face. "Come on... CHIBS. Gemma doesn't like to wait." I lead him back to the car where Gemma had already lit up a cigarette and had one of those 'you're taking too long' looks on her face. Just what she HAD to get back to TM for was a mystery and one I would rather not indulge myself in thinking about. The least I know about what Gemma does, the better. She may be my Mom but the things she does sometimes goes beyond what I 'need to know'. Chibs opened the door for me. Gentleman. Wow. Those are rare in SAMCRO. Score one for the Scot. It was during this exchange I noticed the scars on his face. One on each cheek. Wow. Those are deep. Wonder how he got those. I dismiss the thought. None of my business. I smile at him and nod bending to get in just as Gemma was cranking up. Hope Chibby here is ready for a wild ride. Gemma slams the car in reverse and jerks both Chibs and I back. Gemma smirks with a cigarette hanging half out of her mouth and slams it in drive screeching tires. "DAMN IT ALL TO HELL," Chibs laughs from the backseat. I just shake my head. Chibs... meet your Queen, Gemma Teller Morrow.

We arrive back to Teller-Morrow in record time thanks to the speed Gemma drives. When the car comes to a halt I almost kiss the damn pavement of the garage. Gemma already had taken Chibs into the clubhouse. Alexander Trager whom we all call TIG is standing there leaning against the wall as he smoked dying laughing at my expression. "Ya alright there babe?," He tries to hold back laughter but he fails. I simply scowl at him. He throws an arm around me, "Come on, you've had a hard day, time to pamper the princess." Hall-le-lu-yah. Gotta love when Tig knows I need some TLC. He pulls me inside the clubhouse with him and over to the couch, "Park that beautiful ass Princess, I'll get you a drink." I don't argue. Gemma's driving had made me a little nauseous. I look around to see Clay, Bobby, Gemma, and Chibs in the part of the clubhouse called the Chapel or Church... it's where the Sons meet to discuss club business. I rarely was allowed in. "TRAGER," I hear Clay shout as Tig brought me a drink. "Here ya go Mar," he scowled, "Looks like I'm summoned so my seduction of you will have to wait." I just roll my eyes at Tig. I am used to his flirtatious nature, he's been doing it since I became legal and I witnessed it way before then.

I could see Tig enter the Chapel and Gemma leave. She looked over to me and shook her head, "SPOILED BRAT." "Queen Bitch," I retaliate. She smiles, "New guy might need you to show him around some, ya up to it?" "Yea yea yea," I took a sip of my drink, "I know the drill." "Good," she stated, "That's my girl." With that said, Gemma disappeared to do whatever the hell it is Gemma does when not in the office or doing SAMCRO errands. Clay steps out of Chapel. My stepfather is an intimidating man. His voice is one that can instill fear but his tall build and constantly scowling face... that's what's scary. "SHORT STUFF," he barks. God Dammit. I know he didn't call me that. I ignore him. Call me properly ya fucking asshole or don't call me at all. He looks around and see me on the couch sipping my drink. "HEY!," he yells toward me. I look up my eyes meeting his, "Yea?" His eyes slant, "Drive Chibs here out to the dealership and follow him back." WOW, that's fast work. Not even here an hour and they already set him up a Harley. Damn. I nod as I stand up.

Chibs quickly comes towards me, "Alrighty girlie, let's get going." "My name is not GIRLIE," I mocked him from a few hours ago, "My name is Martha. Mar for short and only if I like you." I turn on my heel and walk towards the door. I hear him chuckle, "Well then, I better make sure to get on your good side lass." He follows me to my car, a black Pontiac Trans-Am 1980 style... my baby that affectionately I just refer to as my TA. He whistles, "Can you handle it lass?" I smirk as I open my door, "I can handle a lot more than you could EVER imagine." He laughs loud, "I like you lass," he remarks as he gets in and I start up, "I have a feeling we're going to get along quite well." We are already out of the parking lot. "Thank god you don't drive like yer Mother," Chibs sighs. "No one drives like Gemma," I reply.

An awkward silence. I can't stand when that happens. I reach over and turn the radio on and thankfully DREAM ON by Aerosmith blasts. Chibs looks over at me and reaches for the volume turning it down, "Woah there lass, don't make me a deaf man. I have enough problems." I smirk, "Yea I imagine." "You mean you don't know?," he questioned. I shook my head, "Nope. I don't. Usually I am not allowed to know a lot of the details of certain situations so I just end up being kept out of the loop. Sucks but that's the curse of being the PRINCESS of SAMCRO." "Ah a curse eh?," he frowned, "That's rough."

I roll my eyes under my shades, "Don't patronize me Chibby." "Chibby?" "I am not some little TART," I snap. "Never said you were lass," he sighed, "Just sounded heavy to call being the Princess a curse." I glance over at him then turn my attention back to the road, "It's a curse. I was born into this life. I didn't ask for it. Yet... I don't want any other. It's in my blood." Chibs nodded, "It's a part of who you are lass, I get it." I looked at him, "Exactly. My father created this club. After he died my mother and stepfather stepped up to rule. One day my brother will sit in the President's seat." "And where do you fit in lass?," he asked.

"That's where it gets tricky," I began, "I am the Princess. I can't be a Son. I can't sit at the table. I can't ride. I can't do what the guys do." "Of course," he spoke, "An' ya shouldn't have to. You're a girl." "Fuck that," I snapped, "I can do anything you assholes can do and sometimes BETTER than the lot of you." I was steaming. Same ol' shit. Guys always thinking a girl is fucking helpless. I can kick their asses and still not crack a nail. Chibs' eyes looked over at me, "You are who you are lass. Can't change that." "Never said I want to," I spoke sternly, "I am just saying it's a lonely road to walk. I not allowed to do what you guys do... and being the Princess stereotypes me into being treated like I am fucking fragile. Not to mention that my stepfather, brother, and mother are always watching me so eyes are always on me. It's a curse Chibs."

I sighed. He looked at me. "It's a curse...," I whispered, "Sometimes I just want to be seen for ME... not the Princess." I pulled into the dealer, "We're here." He nodded and turned to me, "There could be a lot worse things to be in this life lass than the Princess of SAMCRO." I look at him and he smiles. I look down as he exits my car and I watch him walk into the dealership. "A lot worse things," I repeat. I frown, "You know NOTHING Chibs." Nothing.

Two weeks had passed since Chibs arrived at SAMCRO. I had kept very busy with my music and various tasks around TM. The club had been equally busy doing their business. I hadn't seen much of my brother lately. If he wasn't on a run with the others he was buried in a crow eater (girl who sleeps around with club members trying to gain favor with them). Gemma was busy doing things with Luann Delany (Otto who is also a member of SAMCRO was just sent to prison and to help her cope Gemma is taking her out for a girls day).

I was busy in the office at TM when Trager walked in, "Hey sweet stuff." "Hey Tiggy," I replied barely looking up from my paperwork, "What's up?" "Nothing," he sighed taking a seat on the couch, "Just wanted to see how my favorite girl is doing." My eyes meet his and I smile, "Gemma's with Luann today." "Oh ha ha," he mocked, "You know I meant you gorgeous." I stuck my tongue out as Chibs made his way into the office. I look up, "Hello." "Hi," he spoke softly. "What's up brother?," Tig asked. "I was wondering if Princess here wanted to go to lunch," Chibs inquired. My eyes shot up quickly looking at his smiling face. Lunch. Sure. Lunch with a friend. That would be nice. "Sure," I said, "I am drowning in all of this shit anyway. I need a break." "Awww," Tig sounded disappointed, "And here I was hoping you'd hang out with your favorite SAMCRO member today." As I stood and made my way to Chibs I looked over my shoulder to Tig, "I would but Bobby's on a run." "That hurt Princess," Tig held a hand over his heart, "That hurt right here."

I blew him a kiss as Chibs and I made our way to his new Harley. "Awesome choice, by the way," I smiled admiring the bike Chibs had picked. He smiled and offered me a helmet. I took my place behind him holding onto him. We drove a little outside of charming to this little diner. I had been there a couple of times with Jax but never on my own. Never like this. "Some of the guys were talking about this place, wanted to give it a try," Chibs explained. "Jax brought me here a couple of times," I sighed. "You wanna go somewhere else lass?," he asked. "No," I replied, "I love this diner." He nodded and we made our way inside and took a seat. Looking over our menus Chibs looked up, "Order anything you want lass, it's on me." I shook my head, "Nope, I got this one. You're still new..." "Lass," he argued, "I asked you so it's on me." I sighed knowing I wouldn't win against this stubborn Scot. I was powerful hungry. I had skipped dinner the night before. Meatloaf. ICK. And I didn't have time to grab anything having overslept from playing video games all night.

My stomach growled and Chibs looked over his menu, "Well nice to know someone has an appetite." I blushed, "Yea um... sorry. I didn't eat last night or this morning." "Why not?," he looked a little concerned. "Gemma cooked her meatloaf and I honestly can't stand it. It's in the 3rd stage of experimental," I looked down. Chibs raised an eyebrow questioning me. "Meaning this is the 3rd time she's added something NEW to the mix," I sighed and make a yuck face, "first time was plain, then she added some kind of eggplant, now she said she added some kind of squash. I ain't touching it." Chibs laughed, "Don't blame ya there. Not overly fond of that dish myself."

Nice to know I am not the only meatloaf hater, "Good. If she ever invites you to meatloaf night say you and I made arrangements to go out for the night." Chibs looked at me, "A date lass?" "I don't date," I stated. "Bullocks," he replied. "Nope it's true, I don't date. Can't." "Can't or won't?," he sipped his tea. "A mixture of the two," I put put down the menu and looked right at him, "Can't because of Clay, Jax, and Gemma plus the other members of SAMCRO would give anyone I decided to get serious with hell. Won't because as much as I don't want to be alone, I would rather be alone than have someone I care about HURT for associating with the PRINCESS of SAMCRO." Chibs' eyes met mine, "Can't be alone forever lass." "It's the curse," I said. "No curse Lass," Chibs replied quickly, "except the one in your head. You need to take a step back from that curse shit. It's not healthy for ya."

My eyes slanted at him and he continued, "You are smart, young, beautiful... a lot going for you lass. Can't let others dictate to you what you should and shouldn't do with your own damn life." WOW. He's right. "I..." I was really at a loss for words, "My problem is that once I get close to anyone Clay, Gemma, and/or Jax will chase them away. If not then the club comes down hard on them with their protectiveness and jabs they make." Chibs smirked, "That's SAMCRO lass. You're the Princess. No matter where you go, what you do... that's with you. But you don't have to let it DEFINE you." I was picking at my fries. I hate to admit the new guy was right but he was. I look at him. He's got a great smile, even with the scars.

Chibs caught me staring. "Sorry," I shouldn't have been so damn obvious. "It's alright lass," he sighed, "Lots of people stare at 'em. At least you aren't rude about it." I looked at him, "What happened?" Chibs took a moment and a heavy weight seemed to exhale from him, "I ran into a particularly shady character in the IRA." "Wow," was all I could say. "He didn' like me... gave me what they call the Glasgow Smile which is these scars." I looked down, "Sorry." "Not the worst of it lass," he replied, "He took my wife and daughter. Claimed them as his own." Shit. That's rough. He looked down, I could see the sadness. My hand instantly covered his, "I am SO sorry, Chibs." His eyes looked up at mine and I could see him fighting back the tears, "It's alright lass. Nothing can be done." "Can't you fight back?," I asked. "Against the IRA? Not a chance. It's a lost cause," he sadly revealed. I felt bad I brought up a painful subject to him. "I didn't know Chibs," I looked down, "Didn't mean to bring it up." Chibs' hand covered mine, "I know lass. I don't blame ya."

Look at us... a man who has lost everything and a Princess who can gain nothing. Don't we make a sad pair? We finished our food in silence and walked out to the bike. "I am sorry," I couldn't stand the silence and I felt I needed to apologize again. Chibs turned to me, "Lass, quit apologizing. Ya didn' know. I don' blame ya." I nodded and took my place behind him. "Tell ya what lass," he spoke over his shoulder, "You need a friend and I wouldn't mind having one myself." "You want to be friends with me?" "Why not lass?," he smiled big, "In your situation you have limited options as much as I do. Not really one for socializing outside of SAMCRO." "You're right about that," I replied, "Most are scared when they see the cut or know you're associated with the club." "So the way I see it lass, we could benefit from a friendship, what do ya say?" I could use a friend. One who doesn't try to get in my pants constantly. And from the way it looks Chibs could use the same. "Deal," I found myself agreeing. He smiled big and cranked the bike.

A friend. Hmmm. This is the beginning of a new adventure for me. Might be nice. Then again... most things I am involved in end in trouble. I frowned as Chibs drove down the streets in Charming. The last thing he and I need is trouble. I'll have to tread carefully. But it will be nice to finally have someone who listens. I hug tight to him. A friend. Yea. Everyone needs one of those.

To Be Continued...

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