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Gratitude Backtrack

First, make a list, speedily and spontaneously, of things you are thankful for. Aim for 10…

Thank you for…
Thank you for… etc

Now, choose one of those things from your list. Take a few minutes to track back where it came from, for example a new job, how did you find out about it, and if you found out through a friend how did you meet that friend, and…. etc etc. when you find a good point to start, write about the journey from then until now.

My improving health
My cats
My SSI and FS
My friend Amy who is my guardian angel
Good Food
Great Movies
Elder Scrolls Online
Rainy Days
My talent

For my Gratitude Backtrack I have to write about my friend Amy.

I met Amy at Dallas County High School. I can't remember actually WHEN I met her (as in the specific date) but I remember seeing her sit alone a lot during lunch so I would sit with her and talk. I always liked her because she was honest and I felt at ease with her. She's an easy person to talk to and that makes me feel comfortable.

We lost touch after I graduated in 1996. I met back up with Amy by running into her at Wal-Mart I believe when I moved back to my hometown of Selma in 2002. She told me she did crafts so we would go to her house and do crafts. She helped me so much with crafting. She also helped me design things for my project where I arranged a party for the Sound of Dallas Marching Band Alumni. We would also go to a friends little group where we would sing and hang out... it was awesome.

After my ex and I divorced and I had my heart attack, I moved to Mobile Alabama but Amy has always kept track of me. She is my guardian angel. Anytime I need anything she's there. I desperately needed something during winter months and she bought me electric blankets & heaters. I needed something during the summer to keep cool when my air conditioner went out, she bought me fans and my own window unit air conditioner.

Amy is the kindest and most generous person I know. There is not a selfish bone in her body, there is nothing MEAN about her... she is firm in what she believes in which is INSPIRING... but she is the most giving and warm-hearted person I know.

I am so THANKFUL and BLESSED to have Amy in my life... and I hope I have her there forever.

I love you Amy. You are like a sister I never had.

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to a dear friend! And I love your list, so much to be grateful for. Thanks for sharing :) Blessings, Harula x


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