Wednesday HodgePodge

1. Have you ever been fishing? Did you catch a fish? If so did you keep it or throw it back? If you haven't been fishing is that something you'd like to try? Yes I used to go fishing all the time with Mom and Dad as a kid up until I married. Dad always HATED taking me because I would catch huge Bass and he'd end up with a little minnow or something. We'd always throw them back... I wish I could do it now.

2. What's something you're always fishing for in your purse, wallet, desk, or kitchen junk drawer? My keys

3. Your favorite fish tale or movie? Honestly, Jaws. It's just... awesome.

4. Are you sunrise, daylight, twilight or night? Explain why you chose your answer. Night all the way because I don't like bright things and I'd rather be out and up at night where it's more peaceful.
5. What's the oldest piece of clothing you own and still wear? I own nothing but old clothes because I haven't bought new stuff in years. I desperately need new clothes lol. The oldest thing I own that I still wear is a tshirt from 1996 when I was in marching band.

6. We've got one more month of (officially) winter here in the Northern hemisphere. Are you feeling the need for a getaway? What's been the best and worst part of your winter so far? Honestly I don't need to "getaway" because I don't live far from Dauphin Island which is a a huge island right off the coast of Alabama and it is BREATHTAKING. Best part of my winter is snuggling with my kitties but the worst part is when I am so cold my nose goes numb.

7.  The Wednesday Hodgepodge lands on National Margarita Day...will you be celebrating? Frozen or on the rocks? Are you a Jimmy Buffett fan? If so, what's your favorite JB tune? Since my heart attack on 8/20/12 I don't drink anymore. I used to LOVE Margaritas. Mom made the best ones cause she worked for YEARS as a bartender. My parents loved Jimmy Buffett so of course I know all his songs. I think Margaritaville is the best one though.

8.  Insert your own random thought here. I want to thank everyone who keeps coming and commenting here on my blog. I appreciate it... TRULY. 


  1. Popped in for this link up and OMG, I watch wrestling too! I am totally going to start reading your blog. :)

    1. Well I am glad you stopped by. I am ALWAYS open for new friends especially WRESTLING friends. :)

  2. so jealous to read that you live near dauphin island - we are about 5 hours inland from the gulf and try to get down once or twice a year. This past September we rented a really nice condo on dauphin island (first time in all these years to stay there) and enjoyed it so very much!!

    1. Wow Lisa I actually am from a town about 4 hours north of Mobile called SELMA... but I moved here in 2012 with my parents after my divorce. When they passed away I stayed because Selma really has nothing for me. I do love it here. The beach is only an hour away and we have everything you could really ever want to do within a reasonable driving distance. Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you'll stop by again!


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