Tombstone #1

  • Seth Rollins might be seriously injured again. If he is... does that leave him out of Wrestlemania? It would be a fucking shame cause he missed Wrestlemania last year due to the knee injury, it would suck if he missed a second year in a row.
  • If Seth Rollins IS out... what happens to his feud with Triple H? Who fills Seth's shoes while he recovers? I heard rumors that it might turn to Samoa Joe (who takes the credit in storyline for injuring Rollins) would face Triple H at Wrestlemania. Personally... I think that they should give Seth something to do at Wrestlemania so he doesn't miss it completely and the storyline for him and Triple H should continue when he is recovered but if he's out I think Samoa Joe COULD fill that storyline either way. Also keep in mind that we've seen The Rock and Triple H say they wanted to go one more time at a Wrestlemania so that could happen ... IF all cards align. Either way, I only hope Seth is OK.
  • OK the Women's Revolution.... has kind of sizzled out hasn't it? They better do something quick to save and/or revive it or else it'll just go back to being the thing you take a pee break during PPV's.
  • I was PROUD to see Tye Dillinger at the Royal Rumble. #10 entrant and he kicked some butt. I was impressed. Sometimes it isn't about WINNING the Rumble, it's about the impression you make with your time in that ring. 
  • Speaking of the Rumble, I want to do a HATS OFF to Jericho. He's been in the most accumulative time in Rumble history. WOW. I can say this... every time Jericho is in the Rumble, he gives his all and it shows. I might not always like or agree with Chris but he's still a very good wrestler. Props.
  • Braun Strowman eliminated 7 people from the Rumble. That is a huge number, not enough to break the current record held by Roman Reigns, but it is pretty damn good. 
  • I didn't like how the NXT Championship match ended at Takeover San Antonio. I hope Shinsuke isn't TRULY hurt and that he will be back before we know it if not in NXT, then the MAIN roster. I am not disappointed Bobby Roode won... I like Roode for some STRANGE reason. The whole GLORIOUS thing had me the moment he walked in the door and presented it. 
  • I am sad that DIY aka Johnny Gargano and Tomasa Ciampa lost their titles at Takeover San Antonio. Especially to a tag team that is as DULL and lifeless as The Authors of Pain. They are trying to make them the next Legion of Doom and I am sorry but that ship sailed too long ago for it to work again. I hope someone else comes along SOON if not DIY and wins those titles off the Authors of Pain.
  • Brock Lesnar challenged Goldberg ONE FINAL TIME for Wrestlemania 33. Why would Goldberg accept? He has NOTHING to prove with Lesnar at all. Every time he's gone against Brock, Goldberg has had Lesnar's number. Nothing left to truly prove there. If Goldberg accepts, it should be an indication that he's ready to hang it up and go into the Hall of Fame.
  • Speaking of Wrestlemania 33, Who in the HELL is Taker gonna take on THIS time? Rumors say Reigns. I hope not. I really DON'T want to see that unless Taker completely annihilates Reigns. Otherwise, I'd rather see Finn Balor or Baron Corbin with Taker than Reigns. 
  • And let's just get this straight... I don't wanna see Stone Cold at Mania. I don't care if The Rock shows up. It isn't about THEM anymore... these new talents we have are KILLING IT every year at Mania. Let's give them PROPS. Wyatt Family, Rollins, Reigns, Ambrose, AJ Styles.... just to name a few. These matches have been KILLER. 
  • Mentioning the WYATT FAMILY, Harper's swerve and betrayal of Bray at the Rumble was MAGIC. Now WWE needs to run off that momentum. They need to push HARPER like never before. Depending on if Rowan comes back and sides with Harper... they could be a tag team... or if not Harper needs to get a match against Bray and make it an official stand against him to free himself. 
  • I also had another thought when Harper hit Bray during Rumble... I looked to see the look on Orton's face. What IF.... Orton is doing this to destroy the Wyatt Family from the inside? I blew my own mind thinking that on Sunday.
  • John Cena is 16 time World Champion now TIEING with Ric Flair. Honestly, props to Cena. He comes out and gives his all. I might not like that he got a fucking title shot just because he is John Cena (and didn't truly EARN it) but I will say that match against AJ Styles at Rumble has to be a contender for Match of the Year. 
  • Elimination Chamber is coming this month.... It's a Smackdown PPV. Cena will defend against The Miz, Bray Wyatt, AJ Styles, Baron Corbin, Dean Ambrose. It's gonna be a hell of a match. The winner of that match will face Randy Orton at Wrestlemania. 

We are on the road the Wrestlemania and it such an exciting time in WWE. I look forward to the coming months leading to Mania 33... and I hope you will join me again for more thoughts as they head toward the grave.

Until next Week...

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