Saturday Madness

Saturday Madness is taking the little TIDBITS from your week
and posting them in a list of madness. Tidbits can be thoughts that
entered your mind all week long... just random insanity you can't
really post elsewhere.

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the domain at the end of the month).

Thanks all...

1. Hulu charged me not once this month but twice... this better be corrected or I am not using them.
2. Ok why am I dreaming of me and AJ Styles riding roller coasters? 
3. Morrowind... I am looking forward to invading you again.
4. Quit being addictive Miitomo.
5. I am feeling SO SMART because of Word Chums. Feel free to look me up and play me.
6. WWE Supercard got me back to playing it. I want a Baron Corbin, Undertaker, AJ Styles, and Finn Balor card.
7. Puddin' is clinging to me a lot lately. When other cats want my attention she just puts herself between us. I have no idea why she's being this needy... but I don't mind. 
8. I am glad I could find Erin cheap insulin.
9. I am so thankful to the great people in my life whom I have the honor of calling friend.
10. SO Excited for Elimination Chamber on Sunday.
11. Snickers Crispers.... I love you.
12. Watching old WWE Matches makes me smile... except when Austin is on. Fuck that.
13. When I sleep at night some of the kitties will lay on me cause I am on my side... and Tiny will snuggle to me... it's nice to feel so freaking LOVED.
14. Grocery Shopping either tomorrow or Monday... probably Sunday before WWE comes on... ugh.
15. Ain't gonna lie though, AJ Styles is F I N E. Wish he wasn't married.
16. Erin pre-ordered Breath of the Wild for WiiU and the stupid guy at gamestop had the NERVE to inform me he was only going to buy it for the system with the better graphics... meaning Nintendo's new SWITCH. I don't WANT to buy the switch the first year it is out because I am cautious about what gaming systems I own... besides I love my wiiu. I didn't need that gamestop employee acting all uppity though... pissed me off.
17. I really really want a new tattoo. 
18. What is up with my neighbors all letting their animals run wild? Don't you care about them? Some of them get close to being hit by cars every day. Makes me so sad.
19. Stomach, I am WARNING you... stop hurting cause this is stupid.
20. Dear lord AJ Styles has a nice chest and then that stomach... and the area of the navel makes me just wanna lick.... ok Imma shut up about AJ now. Damn.

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