Music Reviews - GHOST: Opus Eponymous

Ghost - Opus Eponymous

  1. Deus Culpa 4/5 Very Melodic a nice opening to an album of this nature. 
  2. Con Clavi Con Dio "Lucifer We are here For your praise Evil One" A truly dark rolling song with heavy bass line. 4/5
  3. Ritual One of the more upbeat songs but it still has a very dark message or rituals and sacrifices. My favorite part being "Our father Who art in hell Unhallowed be thy name Cursed be the sons and daughters Of thine Nemesis Whom are to blame Thy kingdom come nemA" 4/5. 
  4. Elizabeth Very Melodic love letter to  Elizabeth Bathory. "She was an evil woman with an evil old soul Piercing eyes emotionless A heart so black and cold" 4/5
  5. Stand by Him "'Tis The Night Of The Witch Tonight And The Vengeance Is Hers For As Long As She Stands By Him" I like this song. It is unique and I like things that sound different from everything else. 4/5
  6. Satan Prayer "Rise up from hell From sitteth on the left hand of his father From thense he shall come to judge" Not my favorite song from this album but decent. 3/5
  7. Death Knell "Six six six Evoke the king of hell Strike the death knell" one of the hardest songs on the album. 4/5
  8. Prime Mover "Prime mover Maternal slave With child of her grave" Honestly this song usually gets skipped because it's just not one I feel but I do like that one lyric. 3/5
  9. Genesis Beautifully haunting 4/5 


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