Music Review - Ghost: Popestar

Ghost - Popestar

  1. Square Hammer "Are you on the square are you on the level are you ready to swear right here right now before the devil" This is the most catchy song EVER. I have heard it used all over since it's release and I believe if it had been released on Meliora that it might have gotten the grammy instead of Cirice. 5/5
  2. Nocturnal Me "take me internally Forever yours Nocturnal me" Originally by Echo and the Bunnymen this is a haunting and brooding song that really makes me love Ghost all the more for doing covers. 5/5 
  3. I Believe "I believe that you could be what I need to believe" Another OUTSTANDING haunting cover by Ghost but it is originally by Simian Mobile Disco. 4/5
  4. Missionary Man "Well I was born an original sinner I was borne from original sin And if I had a dollar bill For all the things I've done There'd be a mountain of money Piled up to my chin" Originally recorded by The Eurythmics, Ghost does a really good version of this song... but I do prefer the original better. 4/5
  5. Bible "But no walls can stop such a rain That keeps on falling forevermore" This song is nice but it really is my least favorite of any cover Ghost has done. I really just skip it most days. 3/5
Overall Album Rating: 4/5
Favorite/Best Song: SQUARE HAMMER

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