Just my 2 Cents: PewDiePie

I have watched PewDiePie for a long time on YouTube.
If you don't know who PewDiePie is... you are living under a rock... seriously.

Lately, because of some news articles, Pewds has been under fire
for some Anti-Semitic remarks. Some articles calling him a "Nazi sympathizer"
among many other things. This has resulted in Pewds losing his deal with Disney
and also his show "Scare PewDiePie" being pulled and cancelled. 

Now being a long time viewer of Felix (PewDiePie's real name) I can honestly
say that he does  go too far and pushes boundaries sometimes but never in a hateful
way. All he ever does is have a good time, yet all anyone else seems to do is 
hate on him. Why? Because he's self made and successful at what he does?

What they fail to mention is all the kind things Felix truly does like help 
other YouTubers, give money to charity, and all the long hours of DEDICATION
he puts into his youtube content... just to ENTERTAIN people. Sure he makes money
for it but I honestly think after all these years Felix wouldn't be doing this if he 
didn't truly LOVE doing it. 

As for him being what these articles claim him to be... he has NEVER 
shown any support for Nazis or anything... he makes fun of EVERYTHING 
and holds nothing back. His channel always has been a place where he could
speak his mind, do his OWN thing, and just have a good time... yea he does
sometimes say off the wall things but if you know PEWDIEPIE like a true
subscriber would... you know it is all just in fun. 

Felix is a DECENT guy.

He does NOT deserve his show to be cancelled.
He does NOT deserve these made up articles accusing him of being some kind
of hate monger. These articles are petty, false, and down right disgusting. They
are written but people who truly to not get Felix's brand of humor. The people 
writing these articles are not real fans or real watchers of his channel. No. They
are the people who watch something and look for the littlest thing to say "OH LOOK
they decide to write. The point is this... they have slandered the name of a man who
did NOT deserve this one bit. 

I stand by PewDiePie.

My message to Felix is this...
You do you... we all love you and we know who you are truly.
You are a good man... don't let them get to you.
You always have GREAT content on your channel.
These people come from a place of HATE... they are petty
and jealous. They don't know who PEWDIEPIE really is.

To those who have slandered PewDiePie know that we who are
his fans and followers KNOW what you've done... and we are outraged.
You stretch the truth and ran a good man down for the sake of an article.

Support PewDiePie

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