Martha's WWE Rants

So on Smackdown Live 2/21/17, Naomi had to relinquish her WWE Smackdown Women's Title 
because Daniel Bryan said that she wouldn't be able to DEFEND it within the "allowed" 30 days.


Hold on. Wait.

Let me get this straight. WWE is now ENFORCING a 30 day title clause?!
Because I know for SURE Brock Lesnar didn't defend for over 30 days when he
held the title before. Why in the freaking hell did WWE all of a sudden decide to 
bring this rule back into play? Was it because of convenience? Or are they going to ENFORCE
this rule on ALL of their superstars. If that is the case if and when Lesnar or Goldberg win
the WWE Universal Title ... I will be counting the days to see if WWE does hold up their 
damn "RULE"

I know a lot of people have had to relinquish titles...
Daniel Bryan
Shawn Michaels
and now Naomi...

Kayfabe or NOT ... a title being relinquished is a BIG DEAL. 
Now Wrestlemania is a little over a month away. 
Why couldn't Naomi hold onto her title till then?
It wouldn't have mattered to the WWE Universe....
now suddenly a 30 day clause of non defense is important 
to WWE?? REALLY!?!? What is this make up the rules as we go along?

Ok WWE. 

We will see.


  1. I can't believe this either. They let Becky hold it while injured; this makes no sense!

    1. I totally forgot about Becky holding it while injured. Yea I totally agree with you. It's double standard for WWE always has been, always will be. One moment a "RULE" applies and the second it becomes a bother for them they are quick to dismiss that rule. Insanity.


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