Friday 5 for February 16: Yule Never Be Alone

  1. About how many family Christmas photo-cards did you receive this year*? None. I got ZERO cards this year
  2. About how many family Christmas newsletters did you receive this year? I actually never have gotten one of these EVER in my family. Wish my family DID do something this inventive
  3. What do you do with the Christmas photo-cards and newsletters you get each year? If I get cards I keep the special ones and throw out others.
  4. What’s a good solution for singles who want to participate in this tradition without coming across as a loser? Just do it and don't let anyone let you feel like less of a person due to your status 
  5. About how many old-school, hand-addressed Christmas cards did you receive this year? None, yea It's sad. 

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