I never thought love would leave me broken but it seems like every time I give my heart... it's taken but never returned. I am always afraid of men ... they seem to take, take, take but then when you need them... they are not there. All my past relationships are that way and I never see it changing. I end up broken beyond repair and I have to try to piece myself together. Love isn't always a grand thing. It can be more painful than you can imagine.

My first husband, I didn't love him at all. I only married him because I was bored and wanted to be away from home but soon... I came to regret that decision. I was abused in every day (except sexually, THANK GOD) but I freed myself from that living hell.

My second husband, I loved him for a while... until I saw what he had become... he changed completely. I grew to dislike him greatly and even loathe him most of the time. He was selfish and constantly emotionally/verbally abusing me. He controlled me, manipulated me... and it was 13 years of hell that I stayed in because I felt TRAPPED. Thankfully I freed myself from this hell as well.

Any other woman would have remained BROKEN but I am not. I was broken... until I picked myself back up, dusted off, and swore that NO MAN would ever HAVE POWER over ME ever AGAIN!


  1. Our best wishes to you, Lady Martha...
    and Hello from Marshville...

    1. Thank you Dear Dr. Best wishes to you from Creola.

    2. We try to not think about things like "love"... lost those that we did love... now only memories and sorrows...

    3. Love no matter how strong always ends in sorrow and loss... But I would rather love than not love


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