Why I will NEVER play at again

This post saddens me.

I loved

I subscribed to them last year around the end of 2015 for a year's subscription which I just got notified was now expired. I got to thinking... I never signed in once and used it though I paid for it... simply because between hospital visits and medical stuff... then the internet always being down a lot this last year. So why not chat with Pogo/EA and see if they would REFUND my money or at least give me a credit.

I waited FOREVER to get anyone to chat with me. When I did I got a little asshole named Rajan K.

I am attaching the screen shot of the report I filed with the Better Business Bureau.


I am just really disappointed in the way this was handled on EA/Pogo's end. I really loved the little games Pogo offered too. 

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