Wednesday Writers’ Well - Where do you go?

Where do you go when…

– you want to be alone? 
I don't get to be alone a lot anymore. I think when I want to be alone I go swimming ... I feel free then.

– you want to be in the company of others? I hardly ever want the company of other people. I am very much the loner and have no problem being alone most of the time. Every now and then though, I do get lonely and want to spend time with someone.

– you want to celebrate? I do a little dance wherever I happen to be. I don't get to celebrate often. If I go out to eat it is usually to celebrate getting some money for some reason.

– you want to connect with something bigger (life, love, spirit, God – whatever you want to call it)? I don't connect... I usually just meditate when I want to find a peaceful spot and just figure out my answers in a calm manner.

I couldn't write about just one so I did them all.

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