Wednesday Writers' Well - IN THE FLOW

There is nothing I love more than swimming. 

Actually, for me it's more floating.

When summer hits, I grab my float and always take off to the beach.
Lately I avoid LARGE crowds and swim at a local State Park
INSTEAD of in the ocean (which I am scared to do because... I own
a large amount of Shark Documentaries and have been bitten by one small 
one... so ... NO). 

I love to just float and think. It's peaceful and it makes me feel
less heavy about life. For some reason everything melts away
and I am left to just be the young happy me I once was without
a care in the world... just float, think, and enjoy.

It's the simple things that make life that much sweeter.

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  1. What a wonderful response to the prompt! I so agree with you. Just floating peacefully on the water let's all those worries and cares drift away. I could really connect with the experience through the way you wrote about it. Thanks so much for sharing :) Blessings, Harula xx


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