Sandbox Writing Challenge #74 — Help!!!


What is your worst nightmare???

My worst nightmare actually came true on 7/8/13 when my Mom (who happened to be not only my Mom but my rock, my best friend, my world) passed away from Lung Cancer after finding out only 2 months before she had cancer.

Shortly after that I lost my father on 12/22/13 (only 5 months later) to various cancers some actually from complications of Agent Orange while he served in Vietnam.

For an only child... this was devastating. I never recovered and I doubt I ever will. Sure I have aunts and uncles on both side but not ONE since either parent died has made ONE effort to contact me.

That's all I have to say about that.

Other than the loss of my parents, I don't have nightmares anymore. I am not scared of anything in particular anymore. I lived through most of the bad stuff so I figure I've paid my dues and then some... sure more bad storms are on the horizon but I have weathered WORSE.


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  1. Wow... That's a hard one. You're right. How can things get any worse than losing your whole support system and being left alone. You're one brave girl!


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