Sandbox Writing Challenge #73 — Now!

Can you recall a time in your life 
when you were able to live fully in the present moment? 
How or why did that happen? 
What would it take for it to happen again?

I was able to do that during my teenage years. That was so long ago...

Me as a teenager my Senior Year 1996

At the time I felt like life was moving slow. It wasn't. It was moving fast. 
I was able to live in each moment... most not so great. But if I could go 
back... I'd tell myself to cherish EACH moment and make the most of them.
Those years are important and shape a person. I'd remind myself that those
who talk bad and do bad things to me are just JEALOUS and that in the end
I am a strong, beautiful young woman who can do anything she sets her mind too.

We can never go back...
And we can never change.

In some ways I am glad we can't.
What happened to me shaped the woman writing this blog...
I am not ashamed and I have no regrets.

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