One Word 365: Release #1

I am late starting this but I am joining...

My word is RELEASE.

I want to let go of so much that I am holding in and I need to for my 
own health and sanity. I hold onto everything. I feel like it's a curse 
of being born under the Scorpio sign in the Year
of the Snake. I tend to hold onto things I just need to release.

People who have taken me for granted that I wanted in my life who 
discarded me without a second thought. I need to realize it was not my
fault... I did nothing to warrant their actions they are just not good people
and I should not invest my heart and time into such people. 
It's time to RELEASE them.

The anger I hold onto that does damage to my heart and soul from those who 
hurt me throughout my life. The damage they did shaped me into who I am today.
I can't hold onto the anger anymore. I am free of them. It's time to move on and not
let their power control me any longer. I have to release my anger towards them and
not bottle it up any longer. It serves no purpose and only does self harm.

It's time to let go of the pain of the past so that I can make way for the future.
I have to release the past.
I don't have to forget... but I should no longer let it control the outcome of my present
or have any lasting affects on the future. It needs to be released.

So as you can see this word is going to do me so much good in 2017. 
I plan to RELEASE a lot... I hope you will join me in the journey...
Let me know if you are taking a journey too...

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