FYI: Where I stand as far as WWE is concerned

This is an opinion post of my thoughts aka where I stand on certain matters within the WWE.

Brock Lesnar:
He IS a beast. I think letting Goldberg beat him in under 90 seconds was damaging to Brock but with Brock being a UFC fighter who abused some kind of drug and has gotten suspended... how can WWE trust Lesnar not to be the same way with them? WWE has for years said they are strict on the drug policy yet here is Lensar allowed to do BRUTAL matches in our rings ... is it really THAT important? The man isn't here for anything but money and to conquer what he deems worthy. I do enjoy when he suplexes people though.

I would love Sting to have ONE more match. I don't see it happening though which crushes my dream match of Undertaker vs Sting. I think the WWE did Sting a little wrong. Every match Sting fought PPV wise was a loss... it made him look like a weak joke... and I wasn't thrilled that they rehashed the whole NWO vs DX/WCW vs WWE thing at Wrestlemania 31.

speaking of which...

Attitude Era:
LET IT GO. Let it all go WWE. Seriously. I lived through the chaos. The only thing I enjoyed out of the attitude Era was Undertaker being darker, DX's antics, Chyna, and the Rock's snappy promos. My Mom loved Stone Cold but honestly he annoyed the fuck out of me.

which gets me to...

Stone Cold Steve Austin:
DUDE... make sure he isn't lit before he does his damn podcasts on the WWE Network. Seriously. Some are embarassing. I never saw the appeal of Stone Cold, a beer drinking foul mouthed redneck. Fuck I am from ALABAMA. I was raised around people who are that way... and Stone Cold just annoyed me like all of them did. It was seriously a low brow time in WWE in my opinion.

Hulk Hogan:
Hulk was always overrated in my opinion. Much like Stone Cold who only really had one move (the stunner), Hulk only had his elbow and leg drops. YAWN. I got tired of seeing him as champ all the time. HOWEVER. I will NEVER deny the good things his image did for wrestling in general. I don't think WWE should keep him out of the Hall of Fame or out of the WWE limelight. I think WWE still needs to use Hogan as a spokesperson for various causes... perhaps since he did the racial slur... make him a spokes person for racial equality?!?!?

I fucking LOVE NXT. It has impressed me since DAY ONE. What I do not like is the lack of letting various people hold titles and showcase talent. It is only concentrating on a few people and it needs to broaden it's horizons. Perhaps make it a longer show and a new title to have the guys/girls shoot for?

MY MAN! Been a fan since he walked onto the scene at Survivor Series 1990. If Taker is going to retire I want him to retire on TOP of his game not with a loss. He deserves that for all he's done for the WWE. He was loyal during the Monday Night Wars never leaving WWE for another company. He's become more than a household name... his legacy is phenomanal and I think he deserves another run with a title before we see the deadman walk into the darkness forever.

DO WE NEED 4 guys on commentary? SERIOUSLY. 2... 3 at the most. Otunga, JBL, Relano, and Phillips. It should be minus Otunga or JBL or BOTH for that matter. DAMN. Smackdown is doing a lot better than I thought it would since the brand split. I am a little scared that their roster is thin... I think they need to showcase the NEWER talent more and quit letting the senior roster members get title shots just because they are who they are *cough*CENA*cough*

Raw needs to go to 2 hours. I've talked to a lot of WWE fans and a lot of them agree with me Raw would be better with 2 hours. We do more talking on Raw than anything else. This is SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT not a damn soap opera. Time to show WRESTLING WITH STORIES not STORIES WITH SOME WRESTLING THROWN IN.

Cruiserweights/UK Championship:
I have nothing bad to say about the Cruiserweights or the new United Kingdom extensions at all. Glad the little guys have a show now... cruiserweights are awesome. Looking forward to seeing what these UK boys can do.

I don't have anything to say about the women because they have stepped up the game and I am giving them a FAIR chance at proving the women's division IS worthy to be a main event at Wrestlemania. I don't see it yet though... sorry ladies.

2017 Royal Rumble:
I don't know WHO is gonna win this... It's anybody's Rumble to win honestly. I do hope WWE let's Undertaker win but that might be a long shot. Depends on if this is Taker's last run or not.

Hall of Fame 2017:
I think it is TOO early for Daniel Bryan to go in. I think Chyna SHOULD go in this year. I would also love to see The New Age Outlaws but I know that's a long shot. I don't know if it's Taker's time yet or not... depends on what he decides to do. I think DDP and Rick Rude would be GREAT to be inducted this year. I would LOVE Jake the Snake to induct DDP and Rude could be done by Shawn Michaels. I guess we will have to see.

I love WWE these are just some RANDOM thoughts off the top of my head... I wanted to get them out. Please don't be offended... I am just a WWE fan expressing MY thoughts.

Looking forward to the Rumble... and the road to Wrestlemania.


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