Fuck you 2016... Hello 2017

Thank goodness 2016 is over in a few hours
We lost the following people I
loved and admired in 2016...
Jan 10th - David Bowie
Jan 14th - Alan Rickman
Jan 18th - Glenn Frey
March 6th - Nancy Reagan
April 6th - Merle Haggard
April 20th - Chyna
April 21st - Prince
June 3rd - Muhammad Ali
June 19th - Anton Yelchin
August 13th - Kenny Baker
August 28th - Mr. Fuji
August 29th - Gene Wilder
September 25th - Arnold Palmer
November 7th - Leonard Cohen
November 24th - Florence Henderson
December 8th - John Glenn
December 13th - Alan Thicke
December 18th - Zsa Zsa Gabor
December 25th - George Michael
December 27th - Carrie Fisher
December 28th - Debbie Reynolds
Erin lost his 2nd leg in November of 2016
And 2016 only took Fidel Castro.
In November of 2016 we elected Donald Trump to be
our next President to be sworn in Jan. of 2017.
In 2016 I learned that people I thought were good were just blowing smoke.
I learned that people will judge you even when they don't know ANYTHING
about you and then they REFUSE to learn because they don't care yet they
STILL bitch about things you do because they love to create drama.
I also learned I will continue to be taken for granted and under appreciated
for the things I do daily because no one cares and they are too wrapped up
in their own selfish self indulgent behavior that it just isn't worth even
bringing it to their attention anymore.
So as you can see 2016 kind of
In 2017, I hope that things will be a lot easier for me.

I don't do "RESOLUTIONS".
What I want to do next year is...
Take better care of myself.
Write more.
Document moments more (snap pics etc).
Cut down on SODA.
Cook more.
I wish all of you a SAFE and HAPPY 2017.
Thank you for your continued support and love.



  1. I raise a glass to a much better 2017 *cheers*

    1. I wish you all the success and happiness in 2017 *cheers*


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