100 Things you should NEVER say to someone with depression

For those of you who don't know I suffer from depression and anxiety every day since age 13.

During my years I have had so many people say the following to me. Yes this is how HEARTLESS some people HAVE been to me in the past. I hope this didn't TRIGGER anyone's depression. I am sure all of us who suffer from this disease have had at least 10 of these things said to us at least once.

It sickens me that people could care so little about others and what they are going through. I decided to put this list together of 100 things you should NEVER say to someone with depression... I hope this helps someone. Let me know if you have any to add in the comments below.

As always if any of you are struggling and need help, please seek it out. Don't do something that would compromise who you are. Know that no matter how bad you feel, you are NEEDED, WANTED, and LOVED.

  1. It's all in your head.
  2. Will you quit whining? That's all you do constantly. No one cares.
  3. What's wrong? Wanna talk about it? Feel better now. (And they still don't GET IT)
  4. Grow up.
  5. Put your big girl panties on.
  6. Why are you so mad?
  7. God has a purpose for you.
  8. You should be thankful for what you have.
  9. Your life could be worse. Some people have it worse than you.
  10. It's not all about YOU.
  11. Quit playing the VICTIM.
  12. Life isn't fair. Get over it.
  13. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
  14. Aren't you STRONGER than that?
  15. Quit wallowing in misery.
  16. What do YOU have to be depressed about?
  17. Oh come on, lighten up.
  18. Are you on pills? Maybe you should be put on pills.
  19. Are you on pills? Maybe you shouldn't take those things.
  20. Being happy is a choice.
  21. You are just seeking attention.
  22. You think YOU'VE got problem.
  23. Depression? That's not a REAL illness.
  24. Come on, it's not THAT bad.
  25. You're only this way because you THINK you are.
  26. You are always feeling sorry for yourself.
  27. Why can't you be normal?
  28. Why not pray or read the bible?
  29. You need to get out more. Go do things. BE SOCIAL.
  30. Your Mom/Dad wasn't like this.
  31. GET A GRIP.
  32. Everyone gets depressed sometimes.
  33. When I am depressed I always take a bath/etc... that helps.
  34. You are depressed cause you need to get a job and quit just sitting around.
  35. You are selfish.
  36. You aren't thinking outside the box.
  37. You are only thinking of you.
  38. Don't look so down.
  39. You don't LOOK depressed.
  40. Maybe if you quit wearing ALL BLACK/LISTENING TO METAL you'll feel better.
  41. You just are over dramatic about all of this.
  42. Quit being GOTH/EMO.
  43. Is this just a woman thing?
  44. Are you PMSing?
  45. Everybody has a bad day.
  46. Maybe if you go shopping it'll help. Buy you some new clothes. Brighten yourself up.
  47. What about a MAKEOVER? That'll make you less dreary.
  48. Someone your age shouldn't be depressed.
  49. You are only hurting yourself.
  50. Can't you see you are making everyone miserable around you.
  51. You can be depressed all you want but not on company time.
  52. I bet if you thought about it you could not be depressed without doing anything at all.
  53. You did this to yourself.
  54. God is punishing you.
  55. Why should I care?
  56. Why should anyone care?
  57. You are making this depression stuff up.
  58. Just get off your ass and do something about it.
  59. You WANT to be this way.
  60. You are just trying to irritate me.
  61. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, huh?
  62. Your problems are nothing on the grand scale of things.
  63. Why are you always worried about YOUR problems?
  64. You'll be fine.
  65. Go away.
  66. I don't have time for this.
  67. I don't need to hear this.
  68. You can't fight this, you are not strong enough.
  69. It will be over soon. One, Two weeks tops.
  70. Go have fun! It'll work itself out.
  71. The world isn't THAT bad.
  72. There's a whole world out there and you just wanna shut yourself off to it.,
  73. Shame on you.
  74. Try harder not to be depressed.
  75. I know how you feel.
  76. Why not get a boy/girl friend?
  77. You just need to stay busy. Get a hobby, go walking. SOMETHING.
  78. That's why you have no friends, you are too DEPRESSED.
  79. You'll feel better if you attend church.
  80. Our thoughts/prayers are with you. *said with sarcasm*
  81. God can fix you.
  82. Hang in there, this will pass.
  83. PERK UP.
  84. Try NOT to be depressed.
  85. Don't brood so much.
  86. Fresh air will cure your depression.
  87. Why don't you just give up?
  88. If it's so bad kill yourself.
  89. We all have a cross to bear.
  90. Well God sent his only son to rid us of our sins. You ever think your depression is because you haven't given your life over to God?
  91. You can change your mind.
  92. Your worthless/useless.
  93. Nobody is responsible for your depression but you.
  94. You don't like it, CHANGE IT.
  95. Why can you be more CHEERFUL?
  96. Why can't you smile more and be happy more often?
  97. This is why people abandon you.
  98. Your hopeless.
  99. Perhaps you are just one of THOSE kind of people.
  100. They make places for people like you called asylums/sanatariums.


  1. We were listed as manic-depressive at age 19...
    ... We just try to keep our mind "occupied"... so as to Not dwell upon miseries...
    Wishing you a Happy 2017, dear Lady Martha...

    1. Thank u Dear Doctor. Hope you have a great 2017 as well. I was not actually listed as depressed until age 25 but I have had depression since age 13. I also have OCD and PTSD and Anxiety.


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