If you have ghost... you have everything

So someone sent me this little fun survey for GHOST fans... so here it goes...

1. Favorite Album?

2. Top 2 favorite Ghouls?
Alpha and Water

3. Favorite Papa?
 Papa III although Papa II was bad ass looking

4. Favorite Interview?
 hmmm... The one in 2015

5. Favorite Gif?
The infamous ALPHA PANTY Gif

6. Favorite Lyrics?
I can feel the Thunder that's breaking in your heart,
 I can see through the scars inside you...

7. Favorite Song?
That is a hard one. It's between Majesty, Square Hammer, Cirice, and Pinnacle to the Pit

8. Papa in shades or without shades?
Papa can wear whatever ... I'm just happy PAPA exists.

9. Would you wear a Nameless Ghoul outfit if someone gave you one?

10. Been to a Ghost concert?
Sadly no

11. Put your playlist on shuffle until a Ghost song comes up. Which song is it?
Guleh/Zombie Queen

12. Favorite cover tune from Ghost?
If you have ghosts...

13. Favorite album art or song art?
This one...

14. Any Ghost tattoos?
NOT YET but planning on it

15. Any Ghost mech?
 just a papa dollar

16. 3 Ghost names and say who You’ll Fuck, Marry, Kill.
Fuck = Alpha
Kill = Air
Marry = Papa III or II

17. Do you have a ship in the Ghost fandom?
Nope... I like Papa by himself.

18. Papa III in robes or casual?

19. Girl Ghoul now playing bass. YAY or NAY?
YAY all the Way she rocks it my friends.

20. Song from Ghost that always makes you dance?
Square Hammer

1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately, dear Lady Martha... we do have Ghosts...
    Real ones... they often mess with visitors... we try to ignore when it passes by the doorway... and no longer just playing "knock-knock"... started rattling door-knob... more than a bit "disturbing" when here alone... and have to try to explain away others having heard it...
    Well, it does help to keep things less "dull"... bothers me that it lately stays behind computer.... did not know that till my young Friend pointed it out to me...
    he eve accurately described its Face... ( we never told him those details)....
    it grabbed the back of his shirt the other night... does not normally do any "psychical" contact.... and it has been more active of late... oh well,just something to help keep life more"interesting"....


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