Election 2016

So... we elected Donald Trump the 45th President of the United States of America.
What the fucking fuck America?


You are going to let a man who has ZERO RESPECT FOR WOMEN,
Wants to deport immigrants, build walls to keep people in and out of the USA,
is supported by KKK, and who has no military training or even political training
whatsoever run our country?
The people have spoken then.
Ok. I don't like him. He's not MY president. And when he DOES fuck up
(which he will) it's all on those who voted this deplorable human being into office
not me because I did not... I REPEAT.... I DID NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP.
I am LEGIT afraid of what Trump will do to healthcare especially for disabled
like myself who are on Medicaid... If I lose my benefits, I am FUCKED.
No heart pills = death Martha.
And what about being female?
Trump doesn't respect females.
He thinks he's above them and can control them.
What if he tells females what to do with their bodies?
How far will he go?
And then I am scare for my LGBT friends who are also deathly afraid
their rights will be taken away and they will have to be hidden again.
What about religion? I am NOT mainstream religion.
I am not Christian.
Which means ... by Trump standards I am FUCKED.
And finally this man is in a seat of power...
what kind of buttons can he push to start a war or
even go as far as drive us into such a debt we could
NEVER come back from.
It's a scary time in America right now.
I don't know what Trump will do.
No one does.
(And don't get me started on his First Lady...
for shame ex playboy model... in the White House...
it's just... she's not First Lady material, she's a no).
Yes I voted.
But I am discouraged...
In a state that constantly goes RED... I am just tired.
Tired of voting and no matter what I vote... Alabama is red.
No real change.
My vote NEVER matters because the way the electoral is set up.
Why bother anymore?
I love America.
I despise Trump.
Right now... I respect the office of The President of the United States
enough to say I will sit back and watch... I will watch with the focus of
a BALD EAGLE... as every true AMERICAN should... and if Donald
does something that isn't in the true interest of the American People...
as the citizens of the USA, we should take a stand and call him out.
As a people UNITED we are STRONG.
We can save AMERICA.
WE control this country...
NOT the politicians.

I know you are all scared.
So am I.
We are still America.
We are still here.
And we will come together...
and we will ALWAYS win.
And in the coming 4 years...please watch...
don't stay silent. SPEAK OUT when you see
something WRONG. Strength in unity...
let the world see who REALLY controls us.
Bless the USA.
And all deities preserve us.
Thank you.


  1. The word "Trump",(in British Slang) means to
    Fart"... Hillery would have carried on Obama's mess... which that stupid Black ( Not even born in this Country) Yes Trump is a Narcissistic power-mad ego maniac, with the mind-set of a spoiled brat...

    1. Yes indeed dear dr. I am so unhappy with the state of the nation. Burning flags in protest against Trump is not what anyone should do it is sending the wrong message. Esp. to he rest of the world.

    2. He'll do just fine and so will everyone else. The fact that Hilary has basically lost twice now should tell everyone what America thinks.
      Was he the best option, no. Bernie Sanders was. But Hilary sandbagged him and cost her whole party the election.
      Trump is who won, we all have to deal with it.


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