Martha's 31 Days of Horror Day 9: Ghost

When you think GHOST...

you probably think this...

Or this...

How many of you have seen a ghost?
Please feel free to talk in the comments.
For me right now... when I think GHOST... I think this...
This is the BAND called GHOST (Formerly known as Ghost B.C.)
They won a grammy this year for Best Metal Performance for Cirice.
Yes, they are a band who sing about the devil aka Satan aka Lucifer.
But let me tell you this... never have I in my 38 years heard such a great band.
They can play heavy metal then turn around and do all their songs acoustic and
sound just as good. Their songs do deal with the darker aspects of life... they hardly ever
scream or yell... they are in fact very melodic. I enjoy them and am so very glad I found them.
You don't have to be evil, satanic, or worship any devil to listen to them...
nor will their music do anything bad to you. I know those holy rollers out
there will be questioning that... this happens to be one of my favorite bands.
Visit my youtube contemplation to check out
Ghost and see what they are all about,
you won't regret it... I promise.

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