Martha's 31 Days of Horror Day 5: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

I didn't fit in when I was young. In elementary school, most kids shunned me. They called me a "freak" because I liked to read ghost stories, listen to metal music, and dress in all black ... yes, all before the age of 13 too. I wasn't a normal child to say the least.

One day, browsing the school library at good ol' J.E. Terry Elementary in Plantersville, Alabama I came across a book called SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK. I checked it out. I continued to check it out until my LAST DAY at J.E. Terry Elementary. This book was my most favorite in the world. My local library in Selma, Alabama didn't have a copy till much later and by then I owned the book.

The pictures in this book were haunting... and dark. I stared at them for hours. Imagination running wild with pictures of dead things ... it was truly a happy and changing point for my life. These stories stuck with me even to this day...

Later the 2nd book was released...

And then the third book in the trilogy was released...

If you have children it would be a great introduction and/or addition to their books to add Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and it's 2 sequels. They are not TOO scary. Some children might have a problem with them others like me might latch onto these books because it's one of the scariest items written with children in mind.

I recommend them to everyone. And yes, I do still have a copy of each book... I read them every year at this time... out loud, to the kitty army.

Don't judge me, lol.

Pick up your copy of all 3 at here
Scary Stories Box Set: Scary Stories, More Scary Stories, and Scary Stories 3

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