Martha's 31 Days of Horror Day 4: Never Sleep Again

Now I am not a huge fan of documentaries on films.
Honestly, I despise most of them. But when it came to one of my
favorite horror series of all time, A Nightmare on Elm Street, I could
hardly resist the urge to pick up this remarkable documentary.
This documentary is PHENOMENAL. It has everything... and then some.
The people who made it clearly love the Elm Street Legacy and did it
honor and justice with every minute of love they put into filming their
documentary. This is probably my favorite documentary film of ALL TIME.
Yea, even above all my SHARK documentaries. Why? Because it is done
by people who love the series, includes lots of in depth information, and
also is well put together. It's for the fans by true fans.
Do yourself a favor.
If you haven't seen it...
It is worth it.
And it is a worthy addition to ANY horror collection.

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