Martha's 31 Days of Horror Day 25: Clowns

Recently, in the past month or so, Clowns have been in the news. They have been terrorizing people all across the United States.

A Clown attacked a young boy with a butter knife in Michigan, a couple got held at gun point and carjacked by 2 clowns on the interstate in Florida, an old lady got mugged by a clown in New York ... and so many many more. Truly this latest clown scare was summed up really well by this website so check it out...

Clowns have always been a subject of fear for many.

I used to have an intense fear of clowns myself... because how can someone be THAT happy all the time... it's just, USUSUAL and FREAKY.

John Wayne Gacy was one of the first I can recall who used clown makeup to mask what he truly was... a serial killer that killed over 30 people and buried most of the remains under his house in a crawl space.

So do you fear clowns? or are they still something that represents HAPPINESS for you?


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  1. "Send in the Clowns..."
    Hello, dear Lady Martha... the recent rash of "Clowns" is great...!!!!! (my childhood "Hero" being the Joker")
    ... and we will have "Skulls" on the 27that the "Crypt"....


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