Martha's 31 Days of Horror Day 24: Goth

I get asked this all the time...

Honestly, I hate labels. Always have, always will.

What people are referring to is a subculture called Goth. Goths usually tend to like the darker things in life. Most dress in all black but some do not... some mix bright neon colors or even pastel blues, pinks, purples into the mix. Some don't even dress like that it honestly is about the clothes. It's about the what you like, what you prefer in life.

To me, Goth is just society's way of labeling those they feel are out of the "norm".
They think Goths can't be happy, they worship satan/the devil, and are all into
dark depressing music. Honestly... I've never met a Goth I didn't like.
Goths can be some of the most accepting people in this world due to the fact
that they are very wrongly stereotyped as something they are not.

So to answer... is MonsterMartha Goth?
I'm not anything.
I am MonsterMartha...
you put what label makes you feel better...
I'll just be over here watching my horror and listening to metal.
If that makes me Goth to you... well good on you.
Want to meet who I consider to be true Goths?
Black Friday
Her AWESOME YouTube Channel is at
Her website is at
Snowy Lowther
Her YouTube Channel is at
Toxic Tears
Her YouTube is at
Social Repose
His YouTube is at
Check these awesome people out. They are each unique in their own ways... they all have so much talent to offer this world and I am honestly always on their channels cause they kinda rock. Do yourself a favor, check them out and subscribe to their channels. They work really hard to make some truly great content and I am more than happy to showcase them here as people I consider not only GOTH but true talents.

We are all much more than
what we are thought to be...
than what labels people place upon us.

I think that's all I have to say about this, at this time. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them below. I'll try to answer to the best of my ability.

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  1. You are beyond labels. Most of us are. Be you MonsterMartha, you are admired.



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