Martha's 31 Days of Horror Day 23: Heavy Metal Music

When I was younger, starting around the age of 7 or 8, my classmates started calling me a
devil worshipper/Satanist because of the fact that I rocked out all the time to METAL.
I was cast out from that moment on.
What used to irk me to no end is that they labeled me a freak, outcast, devil
worshipper/Satanist just because of the type of music I listen to.
Those kind of things shape who a person becomes...
and yes, it did shape me.
Metal music has always been an escape for me. The music
seems to understand the pain and anger I hold inside and
SOMETIMES... it understands me better than I understand myself.
Other times, it touches on the other emotions I have... love, happiness,
fun... and it always makes me think. I never thought there was anything
wrong with my taste in music until my classmates did what they did.
But I did not let their close-mindedness or petty slander stop me from
listening to the music I held dear to my heart.
Sadly, they decided that since I didn't "listen" to them, they'd make it harder for me...
but that's another story for another post...
Many times in my life I've been confronted and told Metal was satanic, evil,
devil music... and that is just NOT the case. There are lots of Christians who are
into heavy metal and make the music... but there are lots of Satanists and other
non-mainstream religions who tend to be metal heads. Why? Because Metal heads
do not judge, we do not slander one another, we accept the outcasts because we
too have been there... and that's where our strength lies.
It's a beautiful thing when people who have been tossed aside, mistreated, abused,
shunned, and other wise tossed aside by "normal" society can unite through music.
How is music that does that, evil?

I do listen to a variety of music because I am a musician.
However, my main genre is always been and always WILL be
HEAVY METAL. I get sick in my stomach if I listen to too much POP
and country music makes me ILL period. Rap isn't my thing and
I am just more appreciative of metal due to the fact that these people
write their own music, perform on their own instruments, and show
you their inner hearts/souls through melodies and lyrics.
Metal is not evil.
Never has been.
Never will be.
Evil is people who say something is "bad" just to control others.


  1. Well said


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