Martha's 31 Days of Horror Day 19: Black Cats

Let's talk about Black Cats.
I myself have 5 black cats (used to have 2 more but sadly in September both
Echo and Moxley passed away): Fleckie, Sweetie, Puddin', Jellybean, and Poe.
I love my black babies. They ARE a handful but I have found a few things to be true
about Black Cats... they are more in tune to what is going on around them opposed
to other colored cats, they are more mischevious, they are loyal to a fault, and they
are very dedicated to the human who loves them with their whole heart.
Thank you to Fleckie, Sweetie, Puddin', Jellybean, and Poe for being
my inspiration for this post. I love you all so very much.

Most people will NOT adopt black cats because of the stupid
superstitions of having one. Black cats are the least adopted of
all cats in shelters across America which is sad.

Stupidity of humans thinking everything is "Evil" have labeled black
cats as one such thing. A black cat is far from evil. True, they are more...
dark and foreboding than any other breed cat... and they tend to get into
more trouble than any other breed or color I've ever owned (and I've had
many, many, MANY cats) but that doesn't mean the black cat is an evil incarnate.
Old Superstitions debunked.
Black Cats crossing your path bring you bad luck.
Um. NO. I have had dozens if not hundreds of BLACK CATS cross my path and nothing happened. If you have bad luck after a black cat crossed your path... that's just a strange coincidence nothing more.
Black Cats can steal your soul as you sleep.
Um... if that's the case, Mines gone then cause my babies always sleep next to me (at least some of them do). What a stupid superstition. Cats are in tune to a human to the point that they can detect sickness kinda like dogs do for cancer patient. Your cat WILL know when you feel bad, when somethings wrong, when you make a strange noise and they want to help you so if you see your cat standing over you as you sleep it isn't trying to steal your soul, it just wants to help you in some way... that or it's trying to tell you to wake up and feed it.
Black cats work with witches/the devil.
OK well that is stereotyped. When the people write scary stories they play on the fear of the masses by using something that they think represents evil. Black Cats... sadly fell into this category more than once. I have never met a witch that had black cats because they thought they were magical or a connection to Satan. I've never met a black cat who had magical properties that can be used in witchcraft or to summon Satan. Sorry. It's just not true. Black Cats ARE magical because they are a precious animal being here to bring you love and help you relieve stress by petting them.
The Devil himself takes the guise of the black cat at night.
Ok this is just idiotic. If Satan was going to appear why would be disguise himself as a cat? Well... Ok maybe he would but seriously, If I were Satan I'd just be showing myself like "TADA BITCHES BET YOU DIDN'T THINK I EXISTED" and not hide in any other form. Devil/Satan is too powerful to reduce himself to that... unless it is just FUN for him.
If a black cat sits on you it's a sign you are going to die.
Well motherfucker, guess I better get my affairs in order.
Sorry, no. I have black cats sit on me for YEARS and I'm still here.
There are many, many more... but seriously, can you see the stupidity in these?
I think I've made my point. 

Black cats are often hunted by kids who want to pull pranks especially around
Halloween time. If you DO own a black cat and it's an outdoor cat, please secure
a safe place for your kitty so it is safe from people who could and would do it
harm. Please note that these are people with twisted minds... disturbed people
doing things they think are all in fun and they have NO respect for animal lives.

So I think I'll say in closing...
Consider Black Cats as a pet. They are beautiful, loyal,
fun, therapeutic, and by having a Black Cat you are
close to having something truly amazing which is why
most of us call them MINI-HOUSE-PANTHERS.
Local Shelters have black cats longing for a forever home.
Consider taking one in when you want to adopt next time.
You will NEVER regret it.

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