Martha's 31 Days of Horror Day 18: Vampires - How they've changed.

Vampires have changed so much since Bram Stoker wrote Dracula. From age to age we've seen some really significant changes in the vampire genre.

Vampires went from grotesque to seductive which isn't a bad change but it did bring a lot of other changes to vamps that most people don't want to tolerate (like the sparkle, teeny, heart-throb vamps).

Vamps used to could shape shift into only bats but then it evolved... into multiple animals, sometimes fog, sometimes other people... it depends on the vamp.

Stakes sometimes do NOT kill a vamp. Cutting off the head sometimes doesn't kill a vamp. These days it's really unsure what can destroy a vampire completely all past methods in modern vampires seem to fail most of the time. What is dead doesn't always stay dead... or undead... or, oh hell you know what I mean.

Used to be garlic hurt vampires but over the years garlic was made to wear it was weaker and weaker.

Vampires used to not be able to venture out into the sun for fear of death. While some vampires found inventive ways to do so (See Dracula The Series where A. Lucard actually has a scientist invent a sunblock for Vampires).

However, sadly, one movie *cough*Twilight*cough* thought it would be "CUTE" for Vamps to not melt in the sun but SPARKLE. *shakes head* This has made a BAD BAD name for vamps. Now it is hard to take a Vampire show or movie seriously. These days 90% of Vampire movies end up like Twilight or Vampire Dairies. Hard to stomach sometimes.

Even shows like True Blood got hard to stomach (after Season 4 I believe).

So what do you think? What Vamps are YOUR FAVORITES? Which ones do you despise?


  1. I'm thinking they could do a TV series about a vampire who, because he's tired of "living in the shadows", offers his services to the local police in exchange for a little protection. Perhaps he runs a crime scene cleaning firm, or a medical waste handling firm so he has enough access to blood to survive.

    With regards to the theme, Nosferatu is the only real vampire.

    1. WOW. I like the idea of that Richard. I truly do. Forever Knight was close to that except that Nick Knight wasn't a bad looking guy. lol.

      Nosferatu was the only TRUE Vampire... they are not supposed to be BEAUTIFUL they are supposed to be DEAD.


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