Martha's 31 Days of Horror Day 15: Dark Ladies

Dark Ladies...
women who love the darkness.
Ladies who thrive in it...
These are the women who inspired me ...
Not much was said ... but the presence of this
remarkable and iconic lady was always felt.
One of the first who pioneered the way for
the rest of us to be as dark as we dreamed.

The Mistress of the Dark. Truly an icon of our time!
Hostess, Singer, Dancer, Movie Star... is there anything
Elvira can't do? To this day she's still out there entertaining
the ghosts and ghouls who adore her.
Lily Munster
Lily was a strong female character in a man monster's
world. She juggled so many things but always made it
look so easy, and flawless.
Morticia Addams
Who else but Morticia could do dark things and still come off
as smooth and calm? No one that's who. With grace and charm
this lady is one who shows all that even if your dark, you can still
be smart, beautiful, and have time to practice the dark arts.

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