Martha's 31 Days of Horror Day 10: Ouija

Ouija Boards... have you ever used one?
I had the one above for 13 years.
I begged Mom for it.
Sad thing is... I had NO FRIENDS to actually use it with.
One day when I was around 16 I put it in the trunk of my Buick Skyhawk.
I totally forgot it was back there. Me and a friend (with his little brother) were
going back to his house from the store and my engine blew up. When my friend
checked the trunk and saw the Ouija board he straight away blamed it, broke it into
pieces, and left it on the ground at a creek near our place of break down in the car.
I was heartbroken.
At age 25 a package arrived with a cloth version of the Ouija printed on it.
The note inside said "You are always connected".
No return address. I didn't order it.
NOTHING. I have no idea where it came from and I still have it to this day.

A lot of people believe an Ouija to be evil.
It opens doorways, calls spirits, and opens people up for possession.

So have you ever used an Ouija?
What are YOUR experiences with it?
DO you think them evil?
Or are they a useful tool?
How to use an Ouija Board...

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