Martha's 31 Days of Horror 2016 - Day 3: Dracula


When I say that name what is the first image to come to mind? Is it Lugosi? Oldman? or something else entirely?

Dracula is shrouded in mystery and myth.

Bram Stoker wrote the novel "DRACULA" in 1897 and based some of it on a Prince from Wallachia named Vlad Tepes aka Vlad Dracula III aka Vlad the Impaler who was known to have no mercy for those he met in battle; impaling them, decapitating them, and the rumored drinking of their blood.

Now you can read 900000 articles on Vlad... was he immortal? was he truly the vampire of legend? No one knows. (wiki for Vlad is at )

Bela Lugosi played the count in 1931 leaving the most iconic memory anyone has of Dracula. When most people think DRACULA they think Lugosi's portrayal... black cape, hypnotic eyes, and thick accent. (Did you know not ONCE did he ever have fangs in this movie? Watch it. NO fangs. That came much later in other movies/shows).

Another Iconic portrayal of the count was by the late great Sir Christopher Lee in several Hammer Horror movies... the first being The Horror of Dracula. Christopher Lee's Dracula hardly said much... but the presence he commanded on screen was not only intimidating but very sexual.

The next most iconic portrayal of Dracula was in Francis Ford Coppola's film Bram Stoker's Dracula where Gary Oldman was Count Dracula delivering one of the BEST performances of the count in MANY years. You can feel the torment of Dracula as a person for the first true time in this film, even going as far as to feel sympathy for such a creature who after all was only a man at one time, a man who loved. Beautiful story, beautiful movie.

Many times Dracula has graced the big screen and the small screen. What are some of YOUR favorites? There are SO many so feel free to talk about them here. Dracula has always been an obsession of mine. I would love to visit his castle in Romania but alas, money... and flying... ugh. LOL.

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