Ramblings of an insane Pokemon Trainer...

Yea I know it's been a while since I've posted. BLAME POKEMON GO! lol

I actually just put up my new Pokémon Go Website for Trainers in Mobile County Alabama and Baldwin County Alabama. Check it out at

So I have to say something, I love Pokémon Go. I used to watch the show back when it first came on and now I am picking it back up, learning the Pokémon names, abilities, etc... also I am WALKING. I went out and WALKED. Yes, MARTHA WALKED. My fat ass got up out of my house and I have been walking to catch Pokemons. So yea. The app is WORTH IT. It's free. And it's gotten me out of my house.

What I hate is when people make fun of those of us playing Pokémon Go. Hey, you play games on your phone or take pics of yourself with stupid apps that make you a dog or something... let us have OUR fun. Pokémon isn't hurting no one. Now there are idiots that play Pokémon that take things too far but don't judge all of us on some idiots. Most of us are respectful, kind, and just wanting to play our game.

Another thing that has me mad, Satsuma Alabama. *inhales* Satsuma you suck. How are we supposed to reach the Baldwin Square park 3 pokestops if you put up no parking on one side the rope off other side too? Everyone was being respectful and parking to do you've ruined it for those of us who only had THAT play to play. Disabled people who enjoyed your little "park" and didn't litter or do anything illegal. BAD FORM SATSUMA. VERY DISAPPOINTING.

Jigglypuff you fucking COCKTEASE... you are an asshole. That's all I'll say about that.

Anyway, enough about Pokémon GO...

I saw an old man at Wal-Mart today at the deli. He got 2 different bags of deli food (fried chicken, potato wedges or something) when he got them and went over to the cooler in the middle of the aisle and removed the sticker off one bag and put one food item into the bag with the others and left the other bag in the cooler... He STOLE! I watched him do it. And he acted like he didn't care that he did it.

Anyway, I will be doing predictions for Summer Slam. I will probably do them tomorrow or Friday. I promise. I know I am WAY behind on a lot of things. I will TRY to catch up soon.

Exciting times in WWE though. The brand split... a new championship on Raw... The DEMON Finn Balor appearing ... I am just... SO FUCKING HAPPY. Great time to be a WWE fan. Truly.

Later, Al-la-ma-gators.

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