Email to Satsuma, Alabama

I emailed "Vickie Miller" in Satsuma, Alabama via the Satsuma website. This is that email.

Satsuma ... why did you make Baldwin Square inaccessible to handicap people? We were parking there on the side near the sidewalks and walking everyday or so. It was the only way to get my fiancé who just lost his leg out with his new prosthetic leg. We were walking around the gazebo down to the fountain and make loops... getting exercise. Now we see there are NO PARKING signs there (put up one week) and the other side near the houses is roped off as well (roped off a week later). Where are we to park if we want to use Baldwin Square? Especially the handicapped/disabled? It's like you don't want anyone using that park. If that is the case, then you should just put no trespassing signs all in it. I felt safe going there. I don't have a lot of money and we can't always travel to MOBILE to go to the big parks but we did enjoy Baldwin Square... now, we can't even access it. Truly, this is sad.

We shall see what reply I get.

(PS: I KNOW I didn't mention Pokémon Go ... but let me say this, I would and WILL walk there even if it wasn't a Pokestop or 3. I just wanted to WALK. I wasn't catching great Pokémon there. I mean, yea I got a Meowth that ONE time but otherwise it's Pidgey and Rattata city. I didn't mention Pokémon cause it's really not a matter of Pokémon Go or not. It's supposed to be a public place... a park. And if HANDICAP and DISABLED people can't access it... what's it there for?)

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