I'm afraid and there is nothing I can do to feel secure

All the violence today... Cops killing people, people killing cops... Racism, black lives matter vs all lives matter.

Truth is, this shit scares me to no end. I am scared of black people cause their hate knows no bounds. I am scared of white people cause some if them can be ignorant and stupid just because. I am scared of cops cause absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I am scared of all of them.
I am scared to leave my house.

This is all becoming unreal and scary.

I am afraid for the USA if this all keeps up.

Why can't we just love and live in peace? It's not about black.
It's not about white.

Every person of every race, sexual orientation, religion and creed deserve to live, love, and be themselves. All this violence is uncalled for.

I have nothing but respect for people unless you show me something that earns my contempt... Then, instead of violence, I simply choose to IGNORE someone who doesn't have the honor of my respect.

About good cops vs bad cops... There ARE good cops out there who do NOT abuse their power. Who do good things for the people they serve. Then you have the bad ones who take the power given and use it to abuse people and situations. It isn't right and it is most definitely not fair.

How do you know if you are getting g a good cops vs the bad cop?
You don't.
There is no way to tell just like you don't know if the person next to you in line at Walmart is a serial killer or not.

Thing is people are gonna do what they want. Abuse power, yell racism, commit hate crimes and nothing can change it.

What I am most afraid of is this creating a civil race war.

This is truly scary and sad times in America.

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