WWE Released 7 talents today including... Damien Sandow

Today WWE released 7 talents.

Wade Barrett (mutual he had DECIDED to leave a while ago), Alex Riley, Cameron, El Torito, Hornswoggle, Zeb Colter, and.... Damien Sandow.



WWE done fucked up.

I was one of the original ones who helped start #PushSandow #WeWantSandow back when he started coming out at Magneto and other various characters. I supported Sandow and watched him as he took on the silent role as the Miz's Stunt Double... the crowd eventually saw what I did. Here was a man who worked his ASS off every night and was 10000 times more entertaining than what was going on in the ring. The people started shouting it at shows "WE WANT SANDOW"... and even a week ago they were doing it.... yet the WWE releases him?!?! WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK!??!

WWE has a Champion in Roman Reigns and the crowd BOOS/HATES him yet he still has a fucking job... Sandow was WANTED/CHEERED and they released him?!?!?

WWE has their priorities out of whack.

I have lost lots of respect for WWE today with the release of Damien Sandow.

To Damien I say this... Thank you sir. Your antics in and out of the ring... PRICELESS. Your dedication to the business and fans, UNMATCHED. We love you. No matter what happens.... we believe in you. Go ... find a better future. Show these people who you REALLY ARE... what most of us saw that WWE didn't.... and then, then maybe they'll wish they had you back.

To WWE I say this.... FOR SHAME. There are countless other wrestlers who don't care, who go out and do lack luster jobs yet they are still on your god damn payroll... you release someone the Universe loved.... and the Universe never forgets.

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