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Basically HeaHair extensions are AWESOME the only flaw I can honestly say they have are the 5 clips that you are supposed to use to secure the hair onto your own... they are not good for certain hair types. I have long (very long) and thick hair that is super clean but oily... those clips do not hold onto my hair very well. The extensions themselves... beautiful. Add volume, color, body, and style all to your current hair in a matter of seconds. They look like REAL HAIR and not fake. So try these beautiful extensions out. Thank you HeaHair for letting me sample your product. They did NOT pay me to write a review... but I am glad they let me sample and review so thank you
Martha's Rating:
4/5 stars
Heahair® Fashion Omber Dip-dye Color Red to Purple Synthetic Clip in Hair Extensions (Straight)  http://amzn.com/B011792FSM
Heahair® Fashion Omber Dip-dye Color Black to Red Synthetic Clip in Hair Extensions (Straight)  http://amzn.com/B01179IUBS

For lace wigs and hair extensions

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