Rest in Peace Chyna

It is with a heavy heart that I write this...
One of my idols...
one of my FRIENDS has passed away.


Many of you will remember Chyna from the WWE Attitude Era days... she debuted as bodyguard to Triple H and then became a huge factor in D-Generation X. Later splitting from all of that Chyna would go on to be the first EVER woman to enter the Royal Rumble match, 3 time Intercontinental Champion (Only 2 are OFFICIALLY recognized and she is the first and only woman to do so) and 1 Time Women's Champion. Not only that she broke rules and barriers every time we saw her on a WWE Show which earned her the nickname "THE 9th Wonder of the World".

Bad blood between Triple H and Chyna due to their personal relationship ending and complications from that formed a sour relationship with Chyna and WWE (esp. since Triple H married the bosses daughter). For years, fans have been trying to get Chyna recognized for her accomplishments and inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame where a woman of her considerable accomplishments SHOULD be, however, due to the WWE having a huge STICK UP IT'S ASS, Chyna remains almost non-existent in their eyes. (SHAME ON YOU WWE).

Chyna might have done poses for playboy (what diva in the attitude era didn't?!?!) and made a few porn movies... but that did NOT make her a bad person or change who she was as a person at all. Chyna had a heart of gold. She was always positive and helping people...

I am an example of that kindness. One day when watching one of her YOUTUBE videos (from her old YouTube which she took down and then opened a new one - she was in Tokyo at the time), I reached out to her about my battle with depression, anxiety, the loss of my child and parents, and my abusive marriages. The words of kindness and hope she gave me made me realize I was not alone in this world... that someone DID care... Chyna cared. She didn't have to say anything to me but she took time out just to answer me. I will never forget her kind words to me... and the way they changed my life. She became my friend that day... a friend when I needed it most.

She did that to fans... always kind. Always giving. She came home to the USA to reconstruct Chyna... and she was doing so good. She looked so good, so happy... and I was hoping for the chance to finally meet my idol and friend very soon.

Sadly, Chyna was found on April 20th unresponsive and declared gone from this world ... a beautiful woman taken way too soon, she was 45.

Please, if you were a fan of Chyna... write WWE. Tell them how much she meant to you... let them know the fans will NEVER forget such a Phenomenal Woman who changed the game forever.


Thank you Chyna for breaking the barriers of what women in wrestling CAN do. Thanks for showing that women can be beautiful and badass. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Thank you for all the smiles and kind words. Thank you for helping a fan in her time of need and being a FRIEND.


Rest easy now... and be at peace.

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