Update on death, accident, and more.

Haven't written much since Dixon's passing. Haven't needed or wanted to. Been sick too a little but I am better now. I just... miss Dixon. Between the car accident and losing one of my baby boys, I just didn't want to be around people or be online or anything for that matter.

Mom said bad things happen in 3's and she was right.
I am hoping soon things will get better...
I just wanted to update here to let everyone know the 411.

Insurance company of the asshole who turned in front of me says it could be 2 weeks to a month before I hear anything but I am calling them TOMORROW and pressuring them some more. I am a disabled woman with no family/friends near me and I need my truck fixed or a new one NOW!

The kitty army mourned Dixon. Most of them got over the colds they had. Thank God. The worst one was Khan. He was near death... and I brought him back. I wasn't going to lose another baby. He slept on my chest for a good week until he decided he could do it on his own... now he's bright eyed and happy. I am glad I could save one... even if I lost Dixon.

Dixon was a special case. He never was 100% healthy. His heart beat fast and murmured some... nothing really could be done for him. He had touched death several times before and fought his way back. But this time... he just ... couldn't fight. He lost this fight... but his death taught me something and I was able to apply it to save his son Khan.

I was and still am HEARTBROKEN over Dixon. So much so I decided to add a RAINBOW BRIDGE page for the animals we have lost since we began the Kitty Army journey. Only 2 but thankfully that's all there is. I take good care of my babies... and will continue to do so in the memory of those who have gone across the bridge ahead of us.

Erin was taken to the hospital today. I couldn't go with him because I have no way to get home and I have to take care of the 15 cats. So I had to stay behind. Hard to sit here without any word or any way to go. It sucks. I hope to get an update on Erin SOON and hopefully he will be out and home before we know it.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. Sorry about the lack of postings. I will try harder. I promise.



  1. So sorry for the loss of your kitty, Its so sad when they pass on. I do hope things do improve for you. Keeping you in my thoughts *HUGS*

    1. Thanks SIS I appreciate the kind words. I love ya bunches.


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