Martha's Movie Reviews: DeadPool

Well I saw Deadpool today. What can I say? Ryan Reynolds is fucking awesome.
I loved him in Green Lantern but let's all agree that isn't the BEST superhero movie
that's been released. Deadpool pokes fun at that, Wolverine, X-Men, and so many more.
I won't give a lot away for you because I firmly believe you should see this movie.

Wade Wilson tells you... he's "no hero" ... so don't go in expecting a man
who is going to "do the RIGHT thing". That's not Deadpool. And thank god for that.
I will say that this movie holds true to who Wade Wilson/Deadpool is not like the
version they stuck in the Wolverine movie... which is also poked fun at in this movie.
Ryan Reynolds is a SUPERB actor. The comedic delivery in this movie
is SPOT ON and the way he can poke fun at other movies he's been in and
even at himself is refreshing not to mention fucking funny as hell.

I would NOT recommend it for anyone under 13 and only then
with adult permission. It has LOTS of dirty words, violence,
and a 10 minute or so long sex scene in it... plus some nudity of
Ryan himself when he's made into Deadpool.
So anyway, overall... if you like smart ass, revenge seeking,
non-typical "superheroes"... DEADPOOL is for you.

This movie is one of the best of the best.
Martha's Official Rating:
5 out of 5 and if I could FUCKING give it more
I FUCKING would.


  1. I can't tell you the last time I laughed this hard during a movie. Bonus: the entire front row of the theater was taken over by people in Deadpool costumes.


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