Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

So today I am thankful for my kitties (again) because a couple have caught colds this week and one has had her first litter last night (it's not looking too hopeful for them but we will see).

It's all so stressful.... but I am thankful to have my beautiful Kitty Army...

Vincent, Poe, Cookie, and Finn snuggle.
I am thankful for this butthole, Toby.
Prince Pretty isn't feeling well. He caught a little sniffle
cause of the changing weather but he's a fighter. He'll be fine.
And last but not least I am thankful for this little sassy girl.
My Tootie. I love this little girl SO much... (snuggled here
with Vincent). She makes me smile and also makes me realize
that there is so much more to life than what I think!
Love you Tootie.
So yea... that's my thankful Thursday!


  1. Sweet photos especially the last one. I hope the litter of kittens is doing okay...

    1. Sadly the litter of 5 newborns all passed away. Last one passed yesterday around noon. The mama, Jellybean, took it hard but we are surrounding her with love. The other kittens in the house all are snuggling with her despite everyone feeling rough. Thanks for the thoughts and comments. <3


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