Product Reviews: Revlon Color Silk Hair Dye

So in November I got VERY tired of seeing grey hairs near my forehead. I began feeling older than I am and I just got depressed. I promised Mom on her death bed I wouldn't CUT my hair... never said I wouldn't dye it. My ex HATED when I dyed my hair. He'd make fun of me, ridicule me... so much hate and negativity came from him when I tried to do anything like this for myself. So I was very hesitant to do this again. I hadn't dyed my hair in years. I went down the aisle with hair dye several times telling myself 'it isn't worth the money' so I'd psych myself out of the purchase. That was my EX talking. One day I said 'fuck it, it's FOR ME' and I bought this Revolon Color Silk as close to my original hair color as I could find. It was also a decent price so that was a plus.
I applied it to my head and waited 30 minutes like it instructs. There was PLENTY for my long hair... and when I say Long Hair... I mean my hair is almost to my butt... so don't think you have to buy more than one, I did but this product has PLENTY of product to apply to your head so there is no need for the purchase of 2 unless your hair goes beyond your boo-tay.

When I rinsed this off, it smelled awesome. It left my hair feeling SOFT and gentle with an awesome product smell. I felt fancy and I felt like I had made a good purchase. This was the end result.

So as you can tell (not by my expression) I was VERY VERY pleased with this purchase and would purchase this product again for use. I plan to do this again in March around the 1st just to keep a great vibrant natural color to my hair and eliminate the grey hairs that were plaguing me.
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Revlon Color Silk Hair Dye

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