Martha's WWE PPV Reviews: Royal Rumble 2016

Well the Royal Rumble ended... the Raw has happened... moving on to FASTLANE on the Road to WrestleMania now. 1st PPV of 2016 done. Let me say 2016 started with a BANG for the WWE. Royal Rumble ... NEVER disappoints.
Darren Young & Damien Sandow vs. The Dudley Boyz
vs. The Ascension vs. Mark Henry & Jack Swagger
(Fatal 4-Way Kickoff Match to qualify for the Royal Rumble Match)
This match was a clusterfuck of fun. Usually when it's this many people I
just get frustrated but the crowd gave SANDOW some love, he came out
in his robe to his old theme... I was SO happy to see him like that.
However... I wasn't pleased with the winning duo.
WINNERS: Henry & Swagger
Martha's Match Rating: 4/5
United States Championship
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Kalisto 
I didn't really care about this match. I just wanted to see Del Rio lose
cause he's a pampas ass. Also, Kalisto is an NXT alumni so I am
always behind the NXT dudes.
WINNER: Kalisto
Martha's Match Rating: 3/5
Divas Championship
 Charlotte (c) vs. Becky Lynch 
If this is the "Divas Revolution" well it's really not what I wanted.
The girls in NXT are BETTER than this. Since they brought these
girls to the roster it's kind of been HO-HUM but this match... the ending
with SASHA BANKS coming out and getting her point across.... awesome.
WINNER: Charlotte
Martha's Match Rating: 3/5
Martha's Rating Sasha's apperence: 5/5
WWE Tag Team Championship
  •  The New Day (c) vs. The Usos

I love the New Day, Can I just say that.... AGAIN?
This match was full of New Day being THEMSELVES and I
love them for it. I am glad they retained because they ARE
Martha's Match Rating: 4/5
 Intercontinental Championship
 Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Kevin Owens
(Last Man Standing Match)
These boys tore the house down. It was the FIRST match on the PPV
(Sorry these are out of order). Ambrose was awesome and Owens
put up a hell of an effort. Honestly I think this one is a candidate for
Match of the Year. I loved every second of it.
Martha's Match Rating: 5/5
2016 Royal Rumble Match 
 For the first time in history, the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion must defend his
title in the 30-Superstar Royal Rumble Match.
Well the Rumble started with Roman at #1 Rusev at #2.
Surprise entrants were AJ Styles making his WWE debut at # 3
Sami Zayn from NXT at #20 (he eliminated Kevin Owens too)
and Triple H at #30. The Wyatt Family did a number on Reigns
who was out for a while in the back then resurfaced before Triple
H came out only to lose the Rumble when Triple H eliminated him
at 59:50. Roman was out but the last 2 standing Triple H and
I was so sure Dean had a huge chance. And Dean did SO SO good.
I know that boy is gonna wear that belt SOON. He DESERVES it...
however, not this night. Triple H eliminates Dean to become the
WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
WINNER: Triple H
Martha's Match Rating: 4/5
Surprise Entrant AJ Styles: 5/5
Surprise Entrant Sami Zayn: 5/5
Surprise Entrant Triple H: 3/5 (predictable)
Triple H's win: 1/5 (suckage cause of predictability and stupidity)
I said it all along if Triple H stayed off TV after Reigns attacked him Triple H would be back for the Rumble as #28 - #30 and I was right. I knew Sami would be entering too but I never imagine the SWEET revenge of him eliminating Kevin Owens, that was TOO COOL! And I NEVER imagined AJ Styles coming straight to WWE PPV let alone the Rumble. I thought they'd start him at NXT like all the others so when he was #3 I marked out. I was so excited. He had SUCH A GOOD SHOWING at the Rumble lasting 27:53 (Kevin Owens eliminated him) and eliminating 2 others. I look forward to his future in the WWE, it's a BRIGHT one.
So we are on the ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA now.
Fastlane is looking to be a good PPV with Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Brock Lensar in a #1 contender match to see who will face Triple H at WrestleMania 32. I can't wait. All in all the Rumble set up a really exciting time in the WWE and I am really enthralled to see where this takes everyone.

we miss you seth rollins... and need you back desperately. I take back all the bad I said. get well soon. we need you.

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