Martha's Top 5: Onion Rings

I've been asked to give you my top 5 Onion Rings...
why I don't know but I will happily oblige and
I actually kinda want to do this so, yea... let's get to it.

Before I begin ...

I love the bloomin' onion but most of the time when you go to
Outback, they burn most of them and they don't even look half
as good as this one... so I don't go. (They also burn steaks).
However, I do love the bloomin' onion cause it's a lot of onion with a
great flavor and dipping sauce.

Zaxby's Onion Rings
These are actually close to the Bloomin' Onion from Outback
with the Zaxby's sauce a very close to the dipping sauce as well.
However, as you can see... sometimes they get them a little TOO done.

Steak N Shake Onion Rings
Now these are a great traditional onion ring. Not too
overpowering but not my favorite either. The outside
crust isn't the best flavor sometimes can be quite bland...
but they are awesome for fast food onion rings.

Burger King Onion Rings
I like the flavor of these and they usually give you a
zesty sauce or 2 for dipping... they are really great but not
really "traditional" onion rings. Still, great rings.

Sonic Drive-In Onion Rings 
These have a GREAT flavor however the outside crust
is hard and sometimes hard to chew. With that said it is
#2 because it is a traditional ring and the flavor is totally
onion ring. This is close to perfect if they didn't overcook
them 80% of the time and the crust wasn't hard to chew.

Whataburger Onion Rings 
These onion rings are FREAKING AWESOME.
They have a sweet batter but that doesn't overpower
the onion flavor at all. They are soft but crunchy and
not too oily. I love these rings and they are my FAVORITE ONION RING
of all the Onion Rings I've ever had.

So there you go ...
my favorite Onion Rings ...

Anything else you want
me to give my top 5 for?

Leave a comment below and 
I will try to get to it!

Thanks for reading.

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