Happy Caturday

Hello everyone. It's Caturday.

Sadly, this isn't one this house wishes to "celebrate" this week.

Jellybean had a litter of 5 kittens. Slowly, all 5 succumbed to death. It was tragic and sad... the entire household felt it. Jellybean has taken to my couch beside me and the "4 Kittens of the Apocalypse" plus Cookie and Finn are trying to cuddle to pick up her spirits.

The other reason is the entire household... the entire Kitty Army has caught colds with this changing weather. Poe came down with it first. He's getting over it slowly... feeling better today than he was 2 days ago when it began. The others are catching it and fighting it. Giving them plenty of attention, warmth, affection, and food/water. They are not down in spirits and are eating fine. Vet says as long as they continue to eat, don't lose appetite or stop drinking it is just a cold and it will run it's course in time. Vets are always impressed with me knowing all I know about animals... and that I am always well equipped and prepared for such occasions. My kitties are WELL taken care of.

So this Caturday, could you all keep my kitty family in your thoughts. We are fighting our colds and sadness. We'll pull through... we always do.

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