Happy Caturday!

Yes once again it is Caturday and I am starting a NEW tradition on this blog, a post EVERY Saturday in honor of Caturday which is the BEST freaking day of the week!!!!
So... here we go...

I am so thankful for these little hellions. They might drive me crazy sometimes
but they are the snuggliest, most loving babies I've EVER had the pleasure of
having as my family. I love you Vincent, Poe, Khan, Tootie, Cookie, & Finn.
Let's not forget my big kitties.
Sometimes they get me so pissed but they are the lights of my life...
I love you Toby, Dot Dot, Bama, Moxley, Fleckie, Sweetie, Puddin',
Dixon, Jellybean, and Echo.
And NEVER forget the outside trio...
Blue, Dale, & Beauty... I love you guys so very much.
My Kitty Army has grown so much but it will cease growth (hopefully)
now that Moxley and Fleckie are neutered. Jellybean is preggerz, don't know
who did it before the surgery but yea, Jelly will have the LAST litter (fingers crossed).
I'll keep you updated when THAT happens. It's her first and only (again, hopefully) litter.
The 5 boy kittens (Cookie, Finn, Poe, Vincent, & Khan) have to wait till June to get neutered.
Anyway, Happy Caturday all.
Comment, Share your kitties... let's talk.
Many Meows, Purrs, and snuggles to you and yours...


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