Goodbye Truck... hello sorrow

Today around 1:30pm after I just gassed up my truck and was
heading on HWY 43 to get the Chinese Buffet... I lost my truck.
What happened. I was coming down the road...
the light was red, I slowed down, the light turned
green so I proceeded and then someone in the opposite
side turned in front of me....
cops said he was in the wrong.
doesn't help fix this...

And just that fast, the last remnants of my father... gone.
The only thing I had left of Dads... lost because of some
ASSHOLE who tried to hurry through a light to get to his lame ass life.
I have no family to help me. No vehicle now. No money. I am ruined.
Asshole had NO driver's license and the insurance he gave me wasn't right
so I spent all afternoon trying to track down all his info... come to find out
he gave WRONG information... all the way around. The insurance said it
will be a little while but what am I supposed to do until then? I have a life
to live. How do you do that when you have no way to get to places you need
to go (work, store, doctors, bills, etc...)?????
This sucks. I don't know what will happen.
I need a miracle.
And just so YOU know, this is my FIRST auto accident. And I am 38.

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