Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Martha's Top 5: Top 5 Things I like to purchase at Dollar Tree

Yes, I am NOT ASHAMED to admit I do a lot of shopping at The Dollar Tree. They have great prices and great products. There are some bad products too... but it's worth a chance. After all, everything there is $1.00 so why not? Well, someone recently asked me what are my top 5 things to buy at The Dollar Tree... so here's my list.

1. Home Store Bath Tissue 
This is the BEST toilet paper I've ever bought. I used to buy the Sam's brand but when I found this jewel I couldn't help but be happy. For less than HALF the price of what I paid for the Sam's brand I can buy 16 rolls. Yea, I save dat money!

3. Sheer Attraction Body Spray 
I buy this because it smells so freaking nice. Not overpowering but very pleasing to smell. I am not supposed to wear a lot of smelly stuff cause of my allergies and asthma. This is mild enough to not affect my allergies OR asthma and still smelly so very very good.

4. Assured Hand Sanitizer 
I am obsessed with Hand Sanitizer. It feels good, smells good, and is good for you. I use tons of it. I usually buy this kind but I do buy this brand's small travel size in lavender too. Awesome product.

 5. Air Wick Sprays
Most of the time I get 2-4 of these in various smells (usually Hawaiian or Magnolia) they help with that litter box smell, smelly farty stuff left in bathroom, and trash getting overpowering. I love these sprays and I highly recommend them.

SO there you go. My top 5 things to buy at Dollar Tree. I also recommend if your Dollar Tree has a frozen section checking out the Tony's pizzas in Deluxe and Combination, the shoestring fries, the cream cheese peppers, and also their orange and/or raspberry sherberts. All of these are great buys. I absolutely adore them. Erin can vouch for all the sourdough pretzel nuggets cause he loves those.

If you try anything I've mentioned, let me know what you think. Drop me an email or comment below and tell me your thoughts, I'm dying to know.


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